Heal-all.org - Medical news and articles on Social Health / Medical news and articles on Social Health, AIDS, Cancer, Diseases, Diet, Human body etc. Vacuum Cleaner To Fight Against AllergiesSocial HealthTue, 06 Oct 15 11:42:27 +0300/art/13/social-health/8618/vacuum-cleaner-to-fight-against-allergiesFor removing a maximum of dust and mites, vacuuming is the best friend of people with allergies. But do all vacuum cleaners do their best to help us?France: A Drug Against Gastric Reflux Will Be Withdrawn From SaleSocial HealthMon, 05 Oct 15 12:31:16 +0300/art/13/social-health/8616/france-a-drug-against-gastric-reflux-will-be-withdrawn-from-saleThe end of commercialization of Topaal will be effective from next Monday," the name of the precautionary principle, said the MSNATowels Spread Bacteria Around the HouseSocial HealthFri, 14 Nov 14 13:47:26 +0300/art/13/social-health/8613/towels-spread-bacteria-around-the-houseDirty towels are one of the biggest culprits of the spread of germs in houses, researchers say.Scientists Named the Most "dirty" Fruit and VegetablesSocial HealthThu, 24 Jul 14 11:41:55 +0400/art/13/social-health/8607/scientists-named-the-most-dirty-fruit-and-vegetablesResults of recent research show that the greatest amount of harmful chemicals is found in apples and celery.Scientists Found a Link Between Cigarette Prices and SuicidesSocial HealthThu, 17 Jul 14 12:04:39 +0400/art/13/social-health/8602/scientists-found-a-link-between-cigarette-prices-and-suicidesSuicides among smokers are more likely than among non-smokers, says an article published in the journal Nicotine FDA Plans to Regulate Electronic CigarettesSocial HealthThu, 24 Apr 14 12:01:24 +0400/art/13/social-health/8596/fda-plans-to-regulate-electronic-cigarettesThe proposed regulations will require that the manufacturers disclose to the FDA what is in their products and will require that the devices come with a warning label. Although e-cigarette sales to minors will be prohibited, there are currently no advertising restrictions.Vaccination for Influenza: Pros and ConsSocial HealthTue, 29 Oct 13 15:25:58 +0400/art/13/social-health/8592/vaccination-for-influenza-pros-and-consThere could be yet more benefits from being vaccinated for influenza according to a meta-analysis published in JAMA that suggests it also protects against major cardiovascular events.Is Your Teen a Distracted Driver?Social HealthThu, 13 Dec 12 14:43:14 +0400/art/13/social-health/8586/is-your-teen-a-distracted-driverAs you might expect, teenage drivers, who statistics demonstrate are already handicapped by immaturity, poor decision-making skills, lack of experience and inadequate risk perception, are the worst offenders when it comes to distraction by electronic devices, because cell phone texting is their primary means of communication.Heart Attack is Related to Loss of Job, Study FoundSocial HealthTue, 20 Nov 12 14:23:02 +0400/art/13/social-health/8585/heart-attack-is-related-to-loss-of-job-study-foundUnemployment, loss of job and short periods without work may be associated with an increased risk of acute myocardial infarction (AMI, heart attack), according to a report by researchers.A careless housewifeSocial HealthWed, 17 Oct 12 15:13:34 +0400/art/13/social-health/8582/a-careless-housewifeWe are talking about lazy-bones, people who always can find thousands of good reasons of doing nothing. But nevertheless, lazy-bones men are different from women lazy-bones, that is s why I want to look out these types more detailed.What makes us beautiful?Social HealthWed, 05 Sep 12 10:40:59 +0400/art/13/social-health/8580/what-makes-us-beautifulWhen you look in the mirror, do you like what you see? Chances are you've got a feature or two that could be improved - after all, nobody's perfect.Is yoga a religion?Social HealthTue, 28 Aug 12 14:56:14 +0400/art/13/social-health/8579/is-yoga-a-religionPeople practice yoga as a physical form of exercise, but over time, they discover that the meditative aspect of yoga coupled with the gentle breathing exercises are beneficial to both physical and mental states of wellbeing.Tips for Successful FlirtingSocial HealthSun, 12 Aug 12 10:29:47 +0400/art/13/social-health/8575/tips-for-successful-flirtingFor some women getting a guy is as easy and natural as doing the most common and ordinary things like breathing or walking. What is the trick? Is there a universal recipe about how to achieve this kind of success, a set of do’s and don’t’s every woman can follow and achieve a guaranteed result?Usage of Zithromax: A Powerful AntibioticSocial HealthMon, 30 Jan 12 12:42:24 +0400/art/13/social-health/8556/usage-of-zithromax-a-powerful-antibioticThere are many, various types of antibiotics available. Each exerting distinct kinds of result specially affects the micro organism.One bed - one habbitSocial HealthTue, 10 Jan 12 15:08:21 +0400/art/13/social-health/8553/one-bed-one-habbitStable couples, both heterosexual and homosexual, tend to catch the bad habits either smoking, unhealthy diets and lack of exercise.Be Beneficial by First Aid Training and CoursesSocial HealthSat, 31 Dec 11 10:44:46 +0400/art/13/social-health/8549/be-beneficial-by-first-aid-training-and-coursesFirst Aid education has constantly been one of the most missed one of its forms. The demand for first aid education for the intact world has seldom realized its contribution due to its importance.The Advantages of Electric Cigarette RefillSocial HealthTue, 20 Dec 11 09:57:29 +0400/art/13/social-health/8544/the-advantages-of-electric-cigarette-refillEveryone understands that tobaccos are not healthy. Nicotine, carbon monoxide, amidst various other harmful chemicals gradually decimates the body schemes and organs. Electric tobacco refill is the finest alternate to tobacco cigarettes.Researchers managed prevent the aging process in miceSocial HealthSun, 06 Nov 11 15:17:40 +0400/art/13/social-health/8398/researchers-managed-prevent-the-aging-process-in-miceAmerican scientists have managed to prevent the aging process. In a few years perhaps, these technologies will be commonplace.GPS shoes for Alzheimer patientsSocial HealthWed, 26 Oct 11 16:41:38 +0400/art/13/social-health/8351/gps-shoes-for-alzheimer-patientsMarket before the end of the U.S., the device can send an alert when the patient leaves a perimeter defined by the user. According to the designers, these high-tech shoes could save lives and prevent costly incidents.The "standing offices"Social HealthThu, 08 Sep 11 09:08:00 +0400/art/13/social-health/8042/the-standing-officesThe classic work stations, where one is positioned sitting in front of the screen, may be soon forgotten. The Wall Street Journal, Silicon Valley is enthusiastic about the "standing offices."