Heal-all.org - Medical news and articles on Human body / Medical news and articles on Social Health, AIDS, Cancer, Diseases, Diet, Human body etc. A Test To Rule Out Patients At Risk Of Heart Attack?Human bodyThu, 08 Oct 15 10:15:50 +0300/art/18/human-body/8619/a-test-to-rule-out-patients-at-risk-of-heart-attackChest pain does not necessarily mean a heart attack. A blood test would show it in the future a little better results, according to a study.Do Not Abuse Nasal Sprays and Drops!Human bodyTue, 11 Nov 14 15:08:53 +0300/art/18/human-body/8612/do-not-abuse-nasal-sprays-and-dropsNonprescription nasal sprays and drops sometimes do more harm than good.5 Miles a Day Relieve the Symptoms of ArthritisHuman bodyTue, 07 Oct 14 10:11:16 +0400/art/18/human-body/8610/5-miles-a-day-relieve-the-symptoms-of-arthritisRegular walking can help elderly people suffering from pain in knees and joints become more active.Сhlorine in the Pool is DangerousHuman bodyWed, 30 Jul 14 12:16:13 +0400/art/18/human-body/8609/hlorine-in-the-pool-is-dangerousSeveral studies have shown that chlorine used in swimming pools can increase the risk of asthma in children up to 6 times.Where to get Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)?Human bodyTue, 29 Jul 14 12:20:59 +0400/art/18/human-body/8608/where-to-get-vitamin-b1-thiamineAlthough our body does not need large amounts of vitamin B1, its deficiency can lead to a vitamin deficiency. It is therefore important to know the sources from which you can get it.Inhalers for Asthma Stop the Growth in ChildrenHuman bodyThu, 17 Jul 14 15:10:50 +0400/art/18/human-body/8603/inhalers-for-asthma-stop-the-growth-in-childrenInhalers for asthma can stop the growth in children, according to a new study.Artificial Light Slows Down Woman FertilityHuman bodyWed, 16 Jul 14 16:42:37 +0400/art/18/human-body/8601/artificial-light-slows-down-woman-fertilityNew research has shown that permanent residence in the lit area (also during sleep) can damage a woman's ability to conceive.Body at WarHuman bodyWed, 16 Jul 14 11:21:57 +0400/art/18/human-body/8600/body-at-warScientists have finally solved the mystery of how the body creates both antibodies and immune cells, the two agents of the immune response that together are capable of recognizing every toxin, bacterium and virus that exist in nature.Computer Vision SyndromeHuman bodyWed, 16 Jul 14 11:16:29 +0400/art/18/human-body/8599/computer-vision-syndromeWe live in 21 century, which is a century of modern technologies. An average person can’t imagine his life without mobile phones, computers, TV and another electronic gadgets nowadays.Climate Change Affects Kidneys?Human bodyWed, 16 Jul 14 10:49:53 +0400/art/18/human-body/8597/climate-change-affects-kidneysFound correlation between increase of average daily temperatures and emergence of stones in kidneys.Depression During the Pregnancy or After BirthHuman bodyTue, 29 Oct 13 15:55:48 +0400/art/18/human-body/8593/depression-during-the-pregnancy-or-after-birthThe early detection of the risk of suffering from depression during or after pregnancy may reduce the negative effects in both the mother and the foetus.How to Avoid a Heart Attack in Winter?Human bodyThu, 05 Sep 13 11:05:14 +0400/art/18/human-body/8590/how-to-avoid-a-heart-attack-in-winterIf you don’t take care of your heart, there’s a good chance that you will have an infarction.What to have by yourself on a vacation in the Summer?Human bodyWed, 26 Jun 13 19:10:49 +0400/art/18/human-body/8589/what-to-have-by-yourself-on-a-vacation-in-the-summerPlaying sports, working in the garden or aimlessly wandering the streets, never forget the remedies which will help to avoid consequences of negative effects of the Sun.Mending bones with biological "glue"Human bodySun, 31 Mar 13 13:20:20 +0400/art/18/human-body/8588/mending-bones-with-biological-glueFractures are often painfully slow to heal, and bones degenerate with age. Researchers have identified a biochemical substance that could speed up the process that makes bones mend.Life expectancy grows nearly five years if we do physical exerciseHuman bodyThu, 08 Nov 12 13:04:10 +0400/art/18/human-body/8584/life-expectancy-grows-nearly-five-years-if-we-do-physical-exercisePhysical activity during leisure time in the level recommended by the WHO (minimum of 150 minutes of brisk walking per week) is associated with an average life expectancy of 3.4 to 4.5 years.Cracked heels: How to avoid and treatHuman bodyMon, 27 Aug 12 11:29:49 +0400/art/18/human-body/8578/cracked-heels-how-to-avoid-and-treatThere are many factors that combined cause cracked heels - it can be weight, spending too much time on your foot, uncomfortable footwear with open heels, a skin that is prone to drying, too thick skin on the heels, unbalanced food, some mineral and vitamin deficit in your organism...Use Cialis cautiouslyHuman bodyMon, 20 Aug 12 14:41:09 +0400/art/18/human-body/8576/use-cialis-cautiouslyIt won`t be excess to know that Cialis is functioning by supporting the blood flow into the penis. This medication should be taken as needed, about one hour before the planned sexual activity. Nevertheless, Cialis may be taken at any time within the range from four hours to thirty minutes before the sexual intercourse.Know the Diverse Symptoms of Anemia in WomenHuman bodyMon, 14 May 12 08:55:50 +0400/art/18/human-body/8571/know-the-diverse-symptoms-of-anemia-in-womenIt has been a detail the red blood units are highly significant in carrying oxygen to the diverse parts in the body. What are the different signs of anemia in ladies?Complete Knee Changeover: A New Way of LivingHuman bodyFri, 04 May 12 08:45:24 +0400/art/18/human-body/8570/complete-knee-changeover-a-new-way-of-livingIn some persons the junction pains or knee agony may become intolerable due to the impaired cartilage or the skeletal part of the knee. In such positions, knee replacements become unavoidable.How to Control a Dry Itchy VaginaHuman bodyFri, 04 May 12 08:42:24 +0400/art/18/human-body/8569/how-to-control-a-dry-itchy-vaginaHaving a dry, itchy vagina is terribly painful and irritating. It is approximated that at stage a woman will have few problems with her vagina, and an itchy vagina is one of them.