Heal-all.org - Medical news and articles / Medical news and articles on Social Health, AIDS, Cancer, Diseases, Diet, Human body etc. A Test To Rule Out Patients At Risk Of Heart Attack?Human bodyThu, 08 Oct 15 10:15:50 +0300/art/18/human-body/8619/a-test-to-rule-out-patients-at-risk-of-heart-attackChest pain does not necessarily mean a heart attack. A blood test would show it in the future a little better results, according to a study.Vacuum Cleaner To Fight Against AllergiesSocial HealthTue, 06 Oct 15 11:42:27 +0300/art/13/social-health/8618/vacuum-cleaner-to-fight-against-allergiesFor removing a maximum of dust and mites, vacuuming is the best friend of people with allergies. But do all vacuum cleaners do their best to help us?Breast Cancer: The Bra Would Have No Bad ConsequencesCancerMon, 05 Oct 15 12:43:08 +0300/art/15/cancer/8617/breast-cancer-the-bra-would-have-no-bad-consequencesDo not panic, wearing a bra would not have a significant influence on the risk of breast cancer, according to a new US study.France: A Drug Against Gastric Reflux Will Be Withdrawn From SaleSocial HealthMon, 05 Oct 15 12:31:16 +0300/art/13/social-health/8616/france-a-drug-against-gastric-reflux-will-be-withdrawn-from-saleThe end of commercialization of Topaal will be effective from next Monday," the name of the precautionary principle, said the MSNAChildren Living In "too much cleaned" Homes Are More Susceptible To DiseasesDiseasesMon, 05 Oct 15 12:09:28 +0300/art/16/diseases/8615/children-living-in-too-much-cleaned-homes-are-more-susceptible-to-diseasesThe study found that children living in very clean homes are more prone to diseases - especially respiratory.Brussels Sprout Against Cancer and FracturesDietWed, 03 Dec 14 14:14:36 +0300/art/17/diet/8614/brussels-sprout-against-cancer-and-fracturesBrussels sprout reduces the risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, at the same time increasing the energy and accelerating weight loss.Towels Spread Bacteria Around the HouseSocial HealthFri, 14 Nov 14 13:47:26 +0300/art/13/social-health/8613/towels-spread-bacteria-around-the-houseDirty towels are one of the biggest culprits of the spread of germs in houses, researchers say.Do Not Abuse Nasal Sprays and Drops!Human bodyTue, 11 Nov 14 15:08:53 +0300/art/18/human-body/8612/do-not-abuse-nasal-sprays-and-dropsNonprescription nasal sprays and drops sometimes do more harm than good.Yes. Marijuana Cures CancerCancerFri, 07 Nov 14 16:35:36 +0300/art/15/cancer/8611/yes-marijuana-cures-cancerMedical tests and hundreds of billions of dollars spent on them, confirmed the long-held assumption - cannabis cures cancer.5 Miles a Day Relieve the Symptoms of ArthritisHuman bodyTue, 07 Oct 14 10:11:16 +0400/art/18/human-body/8610/5-miles-a-day-relieve-the-symptoms-of-arthritisRegular walking can help elderly people suffering from pain in knees and joints become more active.Сhlorine in the Pool is DangerousHuman bodyWed, 30 Jul 14 12:16:13 +0400/art/18/human-body/8609/hlorine-in-the-pool-is-dangerousSeveral studies have shown that chlorine used in swimming pools can increase the risk of asthma in children up to 6 times.Where to get Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)?Human bodyTue, 29 Jul 14 12:20:59 +0400/art/18/human-body/8608/where-to-get-vitamin-b1-thiamineAlthough our body does not need large amounts of vitamin B1, its deficiency can lead to a vitamin deficiency. It is therefore important to know the sources from which you can get it.Scientists Named the Most "dirty" Fruit and VegetablesSocial HealthThu, 24 Jul 14 11:41:55 +0400/art/13/social-health/8607/scientists-named-the-most-dirty-fruit-and-vegetablesResults of recent research show that the greatest amount of harmful chemicals is found in apples and celery.Great Britain Starts Producing Condoms Against HIVAIDSTue, 22 Jul 14 11:37:10 +0400/art/14/aids/8606/great-britain-starts-producing-condoms-against-hivWithin a few months the market will see the first condom that kills HIV, the British media says.Cholesterol Promotes CancerCancerMon, 21 Jul 14 11:19:01 +0400/art/15/cancer/8605/cholesterol-promotes-cancerResearchers from the University of Illinois, USA, found that cholesterol contributes to the development of cancer.Ice Сream Fights Stress and HeadacheDietFri, 18 Jul 14 12:12:06 +0400/art/17/diet/8604/ice-ream-fights-stress-and-headacheAmerican scientists have discovered that this dessert can protect us from stress and even relieve headaches and, in addition, even fight insomnia.Inhalers for Asthma Stop the Growth in ChildrenHuman bodyThu, 17 Jul 14 15:10:50 +0400/art/18/human-body/8603/inhalers-for-asthma-stop-the-growth-in-childrenInhalers for asthma can stop the growth in children, according to a new study.Scientists Found a Link Between Cigarette Prices and SuicidesSocial HealthThu, 17 Jul 14 12:04:39 +0400/art/13/social-health/8602/scientists-found-a-link-between-cigarette-prices-and-suicidesSuicides among smokers are more likely than among non-smokers, says an article published in the journal Nicotine Artificial Light Slows Down Woman FertilityHuman bodyWed, 16 Jul 14 16:42:37 +0400/art/18/human-body/8601/artificial-light-slows-down-woman-fertilityNew research has shown that permanent residence in the lit area (also during sleep) can damage a woman's ability to conceive.Body at WarHuman bodyWed, 16 Jul 14 11:21:57 +0400/art/18/human-body/8600/body-at-warScientists have finally solved the mystery of how the body creates both antibodies and immune cells, the two agents of the immune response that together are capable of recognizing every toxin, bacterium and virus that exist in nature.