Heal-all.org - Medical news and articles on AIDS / Medical news and articles on Social Health, AIDS, Cancer, Diseases, Diet, Human body etc. Great Britain Starts Producing Condoms Against HIVAIDSTue, 22 Jul 14 11:37:10 +0400/art/14/aids/8606/great-britain-starts-producing-condoms-against-hivWithin a few months the market will see the first condom that kills HIV, the British media says.Know about Initial HIV Signs and AIDSAIDSTue, 03 Apr 12 11:35:02 +0400/art/14/aids/8564/know-about-initial-hiv-signs-and-aidsDespite expanded perception about HIV, AIDS and the dangers of unprotected sex, numerous persons do not understand the early signs of HIV. While the possibilities of contracting the virus are still somewhat reduced, it is significant to be cognizant of likely symptoms, especially if individuals lately had sex without a condom.AIDS - A Life Threatening DiseaseAIDSMon, 02 Jan 12 11:13:28 +0400/art/14/aids/8550/aids-a-life-threatening-diseaseHIV is known as the human immunodeficiency viruses, and it leads as AIDS. The virus and disease together cited as HIV and AIDS. Although science is advancing with every day in every field along with the medical field, and a numeral of searches is becoming every day.AIDS: Know about Causes, Symptoms and PreventionsAIDSThu, 29 Dec 11 10:47:11 +0400/art/14/aids/8548/aids-know-about-causes-symptoms-and-preventionsMothers can share AIDS with their infants throughout pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding, and there is not any way to halt it short of not evolving pregnant. However, here is the note of preventable AIDS transmissions.Know the Way to Evade AIDS DiseaseAIDSFri, 16 Dec 11 15:38:45 +0400/art/14/aids/8541/know-the-way-to-evade-aids-diseaseThere are some modes on how AIDS conveys from one individual to another. Sexual transmission is the most widespread one if it is anal, oral or vaginal.Symptoms of HIV: Are You Sure You Know Them Well?AIDSSun, 11 Dec 11 13:07:44 +0400/art/14/aids/8540/symptoms-of-hiv-are-you-sure-you-know-them-wellSymptoms of HIV stay concealed in its victims.People of all ages are prone to this infection. HIV diseases, if left untreated for long can lead to its last stage - AIDS. It is essential to have sufficient data about this disease.Symptoms of Terrible Infection - AIDSAIDSWed, 30 Nov 11 08:57:42 +0400/art/14/aids/8534/symptoms-of-terrible-infection-aidsWithout remedy, the HIV initiates AIDS much quicker in women than in men; but occasionally it can count on the strength of the body before the infection. What are the AIDS symptoms in men? Are they identical with those having by women?The molecule that protects against AIDS identifiedAIDSMon, 08 Nov 10 10:01:00 +0300/art/14/aids/5371/the-molecule-that-protects-against-aids-identifiedAn extensive genetic study has identified the small variations of a protein of the immune system that explain why some people with HIV effectively fight the disease without treatment.HIV/AIDS: New tests needed for vaginal gelAIDSSat, 11 Sep 10 17:08:00 +0400/art/14/aids/5076/hiv-aids-new-tests-needed-for-vaginal-gelTwo additional clinical testing will be conducted to confirm the effectiveness of vaginal microbicide gel that is supposed to greatly reduce the risk of transmission of HIV/AIDS, said Friday the United Nations Joint Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS).The hope of a vaccine against AIDS is rebornAIDSMon, 12 Jul 10 22:12:00 +0400/art/14/aids/4676/the-hope-of-a-vaccine-against-aids-is-rebornThe discovery of antibodies that can block, laboratory, 90% of varieties of HIV revives hope of arriving at finally finding a vaccine against the disease. An American team has discovered three particularly effective antibodies against the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).Brazil: 59 million condoms will be distributed during carnivalAIDSSun, 07 Feb 10 15:18:00 +0300/art/14/aids/3132/brazil-59-million-condoms-will-be-distributed-during-carnivalThe Brazilian authorities will distribute 59 million free condoms during Carnival, as part of a campaign against AIDS targeting young women and homosexuals, the main victims of the pandemic.AIDS: The green monkey, the object of attentionAIDSSun, 06 Dec 09 14:12:00 +0300/art/14/aids/2035/aids-the-green-monkey-the-object-of-attentionAfrican green monkeys are natural hosts of SIV. Unlike humans, when infected, these animals do not end up suffering from the disease, despite high viral load. A team of researchers found the existence of a rapid control of immune activation in the African green monkeys with SIV.AIDS: Double risk of failure with EpzicomAIDSWed, 02 Dec 09 09:20:00 +0300/art/14/aids/2092/aids-double-risk-of-failure-with-epzicomPeople with HIV who have high concentrations of virus in the blood and are treated with the cocktail of antiretroviral Epzicom are twice as likely to develop AIDS than those treated with concurrent treatment Truvada, according to a study.AIDS: new HIV infections fell by 17%AIDSThu, 26 Nov 09 11:18:00 +0300/art/14/aids/1930/aids-new-hiv-infections-fell-by-17According to new data published in The epidemic of AIDS in 2009, new HIV infections fell by 17% over the last eight years.HIV: consider the transmissionAIDSWed, 28 Oct 09 08:13:00 +0300/art/14/aids/1241/hiv-consider-the-transmissionBetween 30 and 50% of people living with HIV/AIDS in the EU are unaware they are infected.AIDS progresses in EuropeAIDSWed, 21 Oct 09 18:09:00 +0400/art/14/aids/959/aids-progresses-in-europeThe number of patients contracting the AIDS virus (HIV) is increasing across Europe.AIDS: an experimental vaccine "modest" but gives hopesAIDSTue, 20 Oct 09 18:18:18 +0400/art/14/aids/1113/aids-an-experimental-vaccine-modest-but-gives-hopesThe "modest" results in a vaccine trial conducted in Thailand are still leading the way in research, even if the real vaccine against the AIDS virus is not right around the corner.Vaccine against AIDS: a false hope?AIDSTue, 13 Oct 09 18:22:08 +0400/art/14/aids/958/vaccine-against-aids-a-false-hopeAn article published on the website of the journal Science raised doubts about the reliability of the results of the first AIDS vaccine testA vaccine against AIDS?AIDSFri, 09 Oct 09 00:15:16 +0400/art/14/aids/774/a-vaccine-against-aidsA vaccine that can significantly reduce the risk of contamination by the AIDS virus, is developed and tested on more than 16,000 people