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Duodenal Cancer: The Unpredictable Cancer

Mon Mar 26, 09:14 / comments: 0
Duodenal cancer is an uncommon malignant tumor that anecdotes for less than 1 or 2 % of all cancerous infection of the gastrointestinal area.
Duodenal cancerous infection is called by adenocarcinoma. It positions between the stomach and jejunum.However, in the previous stage the symptoms cannot glimpse exactly.

Breast Cancer: The Bra Would Have No Bad Consequences

Mon Oct  5, 12:43 / comments: 0
The idea that the bra increase the risk of breast cancer would indeed put in the closet.
Do not panic, wearing a bra would not have a significant influence on the risk of breast cancer, according to a new US study.

Bone Cancer: Dangerous and Deadly Disease

Tue Dec 27, 11:34 / comments: 0
Pain is the most widespread symptoms of skeletal part cancer infection, although occasionally a chunk can be sensed through the skin on the bone
There are diverse kinds of cancers, and skeleton part cancerous infection is one of the most widespread cancer infection diseases.

Cholesterol Promotes Cancer

Mon Jul 21, 11:19 / comments: 0
Cholesterol activates cellular signaling pathways associated with cancer.
Researchers from the University of Illinois, USA, found that cholesterol contributes to the development of cancer.

Yes. Marijuana Cures Cancer

Fri Nov  7, 16:35 / comments: 0
Medical tests confirmed the long-held assumption - marijuana cures cancer.
Medical tests and hundreds of billions of dollars spent on them, confirmed the long-held assumption - cannabis cures cancer.

Home Remedies for Cancer Treatment

Fri Apr 27, 09:53 / comments: 0
Discover mighty herbal remedies to battle cancer infection.
Discover mighty herbal remedies to battle cancer infection.

Signs of Pancreatic Cancer

Mon May 21, 12:30 / comments: 0
The widespread pattern of pancreatic cancerous infection begins in the exocrine glands that are known as pancreas's adenocarcinoma.
Mostly, cancers entitle for your body part or kinds of the cell where they start, for example, cancer infection start in the pancreas is entitled pancreas cancer. The widespread pattern of pancreatic cancerous infection begins in the exocrine glands that are known as pancreas's adenocarcinoma.

The Increasing Risk of Breast Cancer

Sun May 27, 09:36 / comments: 0
Breast cancerous infection is one of the most widespread discovered cancers amidst women over the world. (Img:
There is no renowned therapy for this infection, but if it identifies in the early stage. However, precaution is habitually better than therapy, and individuals should take significant steps to avert breast cancer.

Significant Details Regarding Latest Cancer Treatments

Wed Jan  4, 12:16 / comments: 0
Cancer is not only a disease it is a clump of dissimilar uncommon disease
There are different kinds of cancer that happens on the body, whether it is inherited on blood line of the family or an unnatural growth of cells of a person without knowing that it can lead to a severe problem.

Natural Way of Cancer and Disease Healer

Mon Jan 16, 10:07 / comments: 0
Non-drug cancer treatments present a promise decrease of billions of dollars to usual surgery and pharmaceutical companies
There are numerous alternate treatments of cancer that work mightily competently that organized drug, the food and drug administration, and the Pharmaceutical Industry would rather the public not understand about them.

Chemotherapy during pregnancy influences child development

Sun Feb 12, 11:43 / comments: 0
The children exposed to chemotherapy in utero after the first trimester do not seem to have birth defects
It is known that chemotherapy should not be used within 8 weeks of pregnancy because it causes harm to the fetus, but evidence suggests it may be used in the second or third trimester.

Coffee against the skin cancer

Sun Nov  6, 15:09 / comments: 0
Coffee reduces the risk of skin cancer in women. A benefit that does not apply to men, though.
According to one study, drinking coffee reduces by 20% the risk of skin cancer in women. A benefit that does not apply to men, though.

Sharks against cancer

Sun Sep 25, 13:13 / comments: 0
Squalamine, part of the shark immune system, could beat the cancer cells
U.S. researchers think they could help save the lives of many people through a substance named squalamine secreted by the liver of sharks.

Breast Cancer: Make Awareness to Prevent It

Fri Nov 25, 09:57 / comments: 0
Breast cancerous infection can be treated effectively, if it to be notices at an early stage.
October is said to be the breast cancerous infection month. The emblem of this perception is the pink ribbon that was commenced in 1996.

Cancer is becoming a Healing Syndrome

Thu Dec  8, 09:22 / comments: 0
Some cancers like testicular or leukemia, the down turn into death are paramount and constant with time, particularly it is appreciation to the achievements of medication, which therapies these infections better
A study done by FIRC and AIRC released in the prestigious technical periodical Annals of Oncology displays that cancerous infection is progressively a treatable disease.

Prevention is the Best Tool for Fighting to Trounce Cancer

Mon Dec 19, 10:09 / comments: 0
For some kinds of cancerous infection, there are furthermore nationwide programs for lesser avoidance as in the case of mammography
The objective of lesser cancerous infection avoidance is to recognize the tumor in a remarkably early stage in order to heal competently.

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