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Human body

Let your kids get dirty

Wed Nov 25, 10:16 / comments: 0
Let the children play outside and get dirty
Let your kids get dirty, they just activate their immune system, claim the scientists.

Considered in a coma, he was awake but paralyzed

Tue Nov 24, 13:18 / comments: 0
Considered in a coma, he was awake but paralyzed
For 23 years doctors have thought he was in a coma. But, says the patient, he was awake, though unable to communicate because the body was totally paralyzed.

Cuba offers free penis implants

Mon Nov 23, 12:20 / comments: 0
Cuba offers free penis implants
Sexual impotence is not inevitable for the Cubans for whom the Viagra has no effect, since the communist government decided to offer free implants, according to local media.

A patch therapy against hay fever

Thu Nov 19, 11:40 / comments: 0
A patch therapy against allergic rhinitis (hay fever) can ease suffering in affected people
Team of Gabriela Senti at the University Hospital of Zurich, conducted a study on 37 adults sensitive to grass pollen with skin and nasal testing to provoke a hay fever reaction.

Lack of vitamin D and increased risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and death

Mon Nov 16, 15:07 / comments: 0
Lack of vitamin D is associated with a significantly increased risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and death
Vitamin D deficiency is associated with a significantly increased risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and death, according to a new observational study published Monday.

Black currant effective in removing dark circles under the eyes

Mon Nov 16, 12:33 / comments: 0
Blackcurrant may erase the dark circles under the eyes of people who do not sleep enough
A team of Japanese researchers from the Hirosaki University found that black currant fruit are effective in removing dark circles under the eyes.

Two drinks per day: Woman's heart in danger

Mon Nov 16, 11:19 / comments: 0
Study finds a clear link between heavy alcohol drinking and risk of atrial fibrillation
Women having more than two drinks per day have increased risk of atrial fibrillation, a heart rhythm disorder, according to a study.

Antibiotics and risk of congenital malformations, a study

Sat Nov 14, 17:05 / comments: 0
The sulfonamide and nitrofurantoin antibiotics are associated with large number of congenital malformations
Sulfonamide and nitrofurantoin antibiotics seem to be associated with an increased risk of several congenital malformations

Embryonic stem cells repair the brain of rats

Tue Nov 10, 02:20 / comments: 0
Embryonic stem cells repair the brain of irradiated rats
Transplantation of human embryonic stem cells could one day restore cognitive abilities impaired by radiotherapy, as suggested by experiments conducted on rats, according to studies published Monday in the United States.

Allergic to sperm: Hypersensitivity to plasma from seminal fluid

Thu Nov  5, 12:13 / comments: 0
If you are allergic to the plasma from seminal fluid, the body gives an inflammatory response
A couple of newlyweds U.S. has discovered that they could perhaps not have children because the wife is allergic to her husband's sperm.

Osteoarthritis: Tai Chi is good for morale and knees

Tue Nov  3, 12:45 / comments: 0
Virtues of Tai Chi are numerous including increased awareness of the body and its own limitations, and also improved mobility of the knee
Increased awareness of the body and own limitations, improved mobility of the knee are the virtues of Tai Chi

Doping: Anabolic steroids are toxic to the kidneys

Fri Oct 30, 13:03 / comments: 0
Anabolic steroids used by athletes to increase muscle mass are toxic to the kidneys
These performance-enhancing drugs are known to have various deleterious effects, but so far, their possible effects on the kidneys have not been studied.

Amphetamines can cause memory loss?

Mon Oct 26, 15:03 / comments: 0
Adolescence is a period for brain development, and at that age, exposure to amphetamines can have far-reaching consequences
Adolescents are particularly susceptible to the effects of amphetamine on cognitive function and these effects may persist well after stopping taking the drugs.

Gene therapy: Reducing congenital blindness

Sat Oct 24, 21:18 / comments: 0
Double helical structure of DNA
Researchers have succeeded, through gene therapy to dramatically improve vision in children who suffer from Leber congenital amaurosis (LCA), a severe genetic disease that usually leads to blindness.

Sleep: advice for negotiating the transition to winter time

Sat Oct 24, 18:09 / comments: 0
A change that will allow everyone to "win" one hour of sleep
A change that will allow everyone to "win" one hour of sleep, but which sometimes causes disruptions in daily life.

Musculoskeletal disorders and video games?

Thu Oct 22, 18:00 / comments: 0
Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) can also be induced or facilitated by intense activity with game consoles.
The cause of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) may be multidirectional joysticks and other controllers which are used for too long.

No alcohol during pregnancy!

Wed Oct 21, 16:30 / comments: 0
Clearly, the alcohol passes easily  the placenta and all barriers that protect the brain of unborn child, with devastating effects
The only prevention message clear and universal is the famous "zero alcohol during pregnancy"

When the fear of blushing becomes a disease

Tue Oct 20, 21:01 / comments: 0
Do not be ashamed and accept the gaze of others
The ereuthophobia is the fear of blushing in public. Some people develop an obsession with red cheeks. They are called ereuthophobes.

Migraine and alcohol, do they mix?

Tue Oct 20, 18:13 / comments: 0
People with migraine are more likely to suffer from hangovers than average
People with migraines are more susceptible to hangovers than average.

Avoid blocking of folic acid during pregnancy

Mon Oct 19, 11:11 / comments: 0
Blocking folic acid drugs during the first trimester of pregnancy doubles the risk of congenital malformations in the fetus
According to an article published in the British journal of clinical pharmacology drugs that block folic acid increases the risk that an infant develops abnormalities.
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