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Human body

The intestinal flora, a "black box" to explore

Tue Feb  2, 21:22 / comments: 0
Every adult individual houses, mainly in the stool, a thousand different bacterial species
Despite the presence of bacterial mass, the intestinal flora has long remained unknown, its physiological action and its role in certain diseases have been neglected. But today, scientists rectify the shortcomings of the past in many leading works on the microflora.

Saddlebags good for the heart

Wed Jan 27, 10:50 / comments: 0
Commonly called saddlebags they would protect the body from cardiovascular diseases and diabetes
The fat on the buttocks, hips and thighs have a beneficial effect on heart health, says a team of researchers at the University of Oxford.

Alcohol metabolism: Possible treatment

Mon Jan 25, 17:22 / comments: 0
Alcohol metabolism affects nearly one billion people around the world
An experimental compound has been created to repair a defective enzyme, responsible for alcohol metabolism, affecting nearly one billion people around the world.

Antibiotics: The dose should correspond to the weight of patients

Fri Jan 15, 13:22 / comments: 0
Doses of antibiotics should be adjusted to optimize treatment
The doses of antibiotics, which are currently the same for all adults, should be adjusted according to the weight of patients.

An hour of TV per day increases the risk of dying younger

Thu Jan 14, 11:18 / comments: 0
An hour of television per day increases the risk of dying younger
Each hour spent daily watching TV increases by 11% the risk of premature death and 18% of dying from cardiovascular accident, says a major study published Tuesday.

Nerves on edge

Tue Jan 12, 14:00 / comments: 0
Discovery that could help combat neuropathic pain
Our body constantly feels changes in our environment. The sensations associated with it (heat, pain, body position in space) are perceived by the countless sensory receptors of our somatosensory system.

When the bathroom is a care

Tue Jan 12, 13:01 / comments: 0
Many of us enjoy spending time in the bathroom
Bathrooms have become iconic places in which we relax and spend pleasant moments. A few years ago, this place was just functional. Today, it grows, modernizes and transforms into a place of beauty and well-being for our delight.

Sport retards aging at the cellular level

Mon Jan 11, 11:38 / comments: 0
A physical training reduces the shortening of telomeres in white blood cells
A study shows the protective effects of exercise on chromosomes. An original study, published recently in the journal Circulation, showed that regular sport practice retards aging, at the cellular level.

Ancient Egypt: The lead in the makeup to care for eye diseases

Sat Jan  9, 11:58 / comments: 0
Cosmetics that limit the proliferation of bacteria
About 4,000 years ago the Egyptians used lead in make-up design, which in addition to its aesthetic effect, was endowed with healing properties.

Antidepressants useless for most patients

Thu Jan  7, 09:01 / comments: 0
For mild or moderate disease, these drugs are not much better than placebo
Antidepressants are probably unnecessary for the vast majority of patients to whom they are prescribed, but their effectiveness is not in doubt however in very severe forms of depression. For mild or moderate disease, these drugs are not much better than placebo.

In fact, the G-spot does not exist

Mon Jan  4, 15:50 / comments: 0
G-spot denotes an erogenous zone stimulation of which can cause intense sexual arousal
This is not worth looking, ladies, if you do not find your G-spot, there is a good reason: it does not exist.

How to avoid a hangover?

Mon Dec 28, 13:01 / comments: 0
Stay clear, drink water, eat fatty food to reduce hangover
The holiday season often offers an endless consumption of alcohol and usually ends up in a hangover. In this holiday season, the issue is hot! Before stomach gets bad, here are some tips to avoid it.

Psoriasis: What can alternative medicine do?

Wed Dec 23, 13:24 / comments: 0
Little improvement in psoriasis after treatment in the Dead Sea
Regarding the treatment administered orally, it is apparent that vitamin B - especially B12 - selenium, aloe vera or avocado oil have little effect in psoriasis.

The sharp increase in myopia

Wed Dec 16, 16:14 / comments: 0
The two main causes of myopia, besides age, are heredity and environmental factors
The proportion of myopia increased from 25% to almost 42% in 30 years in the United States.

A drug to boost female libido

Wed Dec  9, 11:02 / comments: 0
Women will have flibanserin soon to boost their libido
It has been tested with good results in thousands of women suffering from disorders of desire.

The tick could become the best friend of man

Mon Dec  7, 14:48 / comments: 0
Ticks are giant mites growing one to three centimeters long. Evoluting they have developed strategies worthy of the best medical concepts, mixing anesthetics, anti-inflammatories and anticoagulants
The parasite's saliva contains a substance that prevents blood clots.

Getting rid of anesthesia and scalpel with powerful ultrasound

Fri Dec  4, 14:04 / comments: 0
Directed to a predetermined target, focused ultrasound of high intensity (HIFU) increases the temperature to around 60°C. It can clot and thus destroy tissues with millimeter precision
New techniques can destroy tumors without anesthesia or scalpel with help of a device called ExAblate, developed by Israeli firm Insightec.

The appendix is a useless excrescence. Is it?

Thu Dec  3, 12:22 / comments: 0
Over millions of years, appendix preserves the bacterial flora in our intestines
Appendix is useless. It has only disadvantages. It can become inflamed and infected - this is called the "appendicitis". Yet, over millions of years, it preserves the bacterial flora in our intestines.

Fighting the stress with knitting needles

Thu Dec  3, 11:58 / comments: 0
Needlework helps to fight stress and endure chronic pain
Do knitting to combat stress! This is the new idea of doctors who are discovering the virtues of needlework to combat stress and endure chronic pain.

The alcohol would help reduce cardiac risk in men

Sun Nov 29, 10:01 / comments: 0
The alcohol would help reduce cardiac risk in men
Regular consumption of alcohol would reduce by about one third the risk of CHD (myocardial infarction, angina pectoris) in men, according to a Spanish study.
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