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Human body

Plants that are good

Sat Aug  7, 14:22 / comments: 0
Gilles Mermet
More than half of our medicines come from plants. They are the source of treatments commonly used to treat serious diseases. But amateurs beware: they are not for a self-medication, often highly toxic.

Bronchiolitis: 2 times more likely among babies swimmers

Sun Jul 25, 10:26 / comments: 0
Exposure to chloramine, produced by the mixture of chlorine and organic matter (urine) is particularly irritating to the lungs of babies
Babies swimmers have a risk of bronchiolitis almost doubled compared to other children because the mixture of chlorine and urine is particularly irritating to their lungs.

Relationship between morphology and memory

Sun Jul 25, 09:11 / comments: 0
The excessive accumulation of fat around the hips could adversely affect memory and cognitive abilities of older women
The Journal of the American Geriatrics Society says it is down to a point in the memory capacity of women say pear for every increase of one point of their body mass index (BMI)

Getting bioartificial lungs

Mon Jul  5, 12:24 / comments: 0
Researches in tissue engineering have a particularly crucial issue in pulmonology
Although exciting, the preliminary work probably still require years or even decades of research to result in bioartificial lungs that could be implanted in humans.

Predicting menopause with a simple blood test

Tue Jun 29, 18:12 / comments: 0
Researchers developed a statistical model to accurately predict the arrival of menopause
The scientists can now predict with some accuracy the age when a woman will reach menopause. An opportunity which might interest young women affected by the phenomenon.

Retinitis pigmentosa: A protein for good eyesight found

Sat Jun 26, 15:01 / comments: 0
Retinitis pigmentosa can cause a gradual decline in vision and be completed by blindness
Researchers have identified a protein able to activate the photoreceptors, the neurons responsible for daytime vision, damaged by retinitis pigmentosa.

On the trail of a cure to erase bad memories

Thu Jun 10, 18:14 / comments: 0
The war veterans might be interested in discovering the action of BDNF, a molecule erasing traumatic memories
Insomnia, the hallucinations, irritability and even depression are possible symptoms of what doctors call "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.". Researchers have discovered the ability of a protein to remove post-traumatic stress.

Doping: The growth hormone effective in sprinters

Sat May  8, 14:22 / comments: 0
Growth hormone can improve the performance of sprinters by 4 to 5%, or four tenths on a race of ten seconds
A study demonstrated for the first time that growth hormone can improve the performance of sprinters by 4 to 5%, or four tenths on a race of ten seconds. This work was funded by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Female Sexual Dysfunction Creates More Issues Than You Realize

Fri Apr 23, 13:21 / comments: 0
Forty three percent of women between the ages of eighteen and fifty nine experience some type of FSD
Taking sex out of your fantasies or feeling guilty about when and how you should have sex inhibits the natural flow of sexual hormones, which have a positive impact on all body functions.

Artificial skin with a bright future

Wed Apr  7, 19:13 / comments: 0
Scientists have succeeded in creating an artificial skin in the laboratory similar to human skin
A major change is about to occur in skin grafts: Australian scientists appear to have succeeded in reproducing an artificial skin similar to human skin, and living with a natural thickness.

Our children are taller than us!

Thu Apr  1, 15:13 / comments: 0
Children today are larger than those of the 1960s. The reason: a more balanced diet and children's shoes.

Physical activity for a smooth recovery

Sat Mar 27, 10:03 / comments: 0
A gradual recovery is required to avoid accidents, especially when we get older
Spring is back and this creates the desire to resume physical activity, often abandoned during the long winter months. The benefits of sport for health and especially for the heart are well documented.

Genetic testing to determine anticoagulants dose

Tue Mar 16, 21:42 / comments: 0
The sensitivity to warfarin is highly variable
A simple genetic test allows doctors to determine the ideal dosage of anticoagulant for individual patients, thus avoiding any bleeding or blood clots during the adjustment period of treatment, according to research published Tuesday.

Soon a vaccine against malaria for the pregnant?

Fri Mar  5, 10:03 / comments: 0
The first pregnancy is more risky
After the bite of an infective mosquito, the parasite multiplies in the liver, then goes into the bloodstream to invade circulating erythrocytes (red blood cells).

Allergy: New in treatment

Thu Feb 25, 20:13 / comments: 0
A DNA sequence may help treat allergic diseases
DNA sequence might contribute to the creation of a specific treatment for allergic diseases without affecting the functioning of the entire immune system, according to study.

Multiple sclerosis: the benefits of exercise

Mon Feb 22, 13:13 / comments: 0
Exercise preserve the brains of patients with multiple sclerosis
The study also reveals that parts of the brain damaged by multiple sclerosis were less deteriorated in patients who were conducting fitness sessions.

Babies learn bilingualism from the womb

Wed Feb 17, 14:18 / comments: 0
There is a mechanism in the early moments of life that helps bilingual children avoid confusing the two languages
Babies living in a bilingual environment learn the difference between the two languages from the womb, according to a study published this week in the U.S. journal Psychological Science.

Stuttering has genetic origin

Sat Feb 13, 10:07 / comments: 0
The chromosomes in a fetus.
Biological or psychological? Genetic mutations play a role in stuttering, says the work of American geneticists published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Could this breakthrough lead to new treatments?

Genetic variants accelerate biological aging

Mon Feb  8, 17:10 / comments: 0
The clock that controls cell aging is the shortening of telomeres, the DNA structures located at the ends of chromosomes
Researchers have identified genetic variants associated with biological aging in humans, a discovery that could have implications for understanding diseases associated with aging.

Chronic cough: Pepper to refine the diagnosis

Tue Feb  2, 23:10 / comments: 0
Low concentrations of capsaicin trigger cough in asthmatics
Make a patient inhale capsaicin - a compound extracted from chili - to measure concentrations at which cough is triggered, is the way advocated by British specialists to distinguish different types of cough.
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