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Human body

Are You Afraid of Hair Loss? - Use Home Therapies to Control it!

Wed Apr 18, 15:30 / comments: 0
Dwelling remedies to control the hair losses
Owe to be it to people flawed genetics or hectic ways of life and the dropping measures of nutrition in the diets - hair decrease appears to have turned into a healthcare plague. To control the hair losses apply the next dwelling remedies...

Hair Loss: The Best Ways to treat it

Sun Mar 11, 15:43 / comments: 0
Some of the most widespread kinds of hair loss as well as modes to heal it.
By a certain age, nearly everyone experiences hair loss to some extent. It is not, although, only a symptom of getting older, as numerous persons start experiencing it when they are rather juvenile, or possibly middle-aged. To assist you realize this theme a little better, below are some of the most widespread kinds of hair loss as well as modes to heal it.

Pimple Treatments: Discover the Best Pimple Cure Methods

Tue Feb 28, 09:18 / comments: 0
Some of the best pimple treatments methods.
Most persons, who have pimples, often search for remedies, for example, gels and creams amidst other treatments that are renowned to convey extremely fast relief. Below are some of the best pimple treatments methods.

Signs of autism start to appear at six months

Mon Feb 20, 10:57 / comments: 0
Image of the cerebral white matter. Photo: Jason Wolff
Six months old children with high risk of developing autism and brain show some differences. This was unveiled by a team of experts from the University of North Carolina (USA) in an article published in American Journal Psychiatry.

How to Control Human Body Inflammation

Sun Dec 25, 15:28 / comments: 0
Body inflammation can be controlled by taking a productive fish oil supplement regularly
Until lately, No steroidal anti-inflammatory pharmaceuticals (NSAIDs) have prescribed to command inflammation in the body.

Follow the Makeup Secrets to Look 10 Years Younger!

Wed Dec  7, 09:32 / comments: 0
Makeup: Errors that women make every day that only appear to add to the years
Makeup can assist to gaze much younger, but there is a delicate line between looking youthful and seeking to emerge younger. Errors that women make every day that only appear to add to the years.

Know About Human Body Inflammation!

Sun Dec  4, 10:48 / comments: 0
The proper diet of processed nourishment, vegetable oils and require things included on them like salad dressings, oven-baked items, margarines, etc.
Lately, the number of goods that state they avert human body inflammation has expanded dramatically. Severe inflammation is the little period immune answer by the body in situations of trauma, contamination and even allergies

Eating strawberries would prevent ulcers

Thu Nov 10, 16:22 / comments: 0
Strawberries could act as a protective barrier against stomach ulcers
People with ulcers in the stomach should consume fresh strawberries, according to a study published in PLoS One

Young fathers experience a drop in testosterone

Thu Sep 15, 11:22 / comments: 0
Constraints related to the arrival of a newborn require a major emotional, psychological and physical adjustment among young fathers. (Credits: LeFigaro)
Loss of libido in women who have just given birth is common and known. It was unclear, however, that the men recorded a decrease of a hormone of masculinity after the birth of a baby.

The first autologous human red blood cells from stem cells

Tue Sep  6, 12:09 / comments: 0
This breakthrough could enable transfused people to become their own donors, enough to solve the problems of blood supply and reduce the risk of infection during transfusions
A team from the Inserm-UPMC has managed to achieve an autologous blood including red blood cells were able to survive in the human body.

Good minerals to conserve energy

Mon Sep  5, 09:10 / comments: 0
Magnesium deficiency is one of the leading causes of fatigue, It also accentuates the effects of stress and anxiety. (Credits:
Magnesium deficiency is one of the leading causes of fatigue. Magnesium deficiency also accentuates the effects of stress and anxiety.

Sperm has been recreated in the laboratory

Fri Aug 12, 10:57 / comments: 0
The sperm was used to fertilize the eggs and the result gave "young pups in good health
Japanese scientists announced Friday they had first managed to recreate functional sperm from embryonic stem cells of a mouse, a breakthrough that could one day help to combat human sterility.

Pregnancy: Fish against premature birth

Mon Jun 27, 16:24 / comments: 0
Consumption of fish during the nine months of pregnancy reduce the risk of preterm delivery (Credit: Le Figaro)
A U.S. study says that regular consumption of fish during the nine months of pregnancy reduce the risk of preterm delivery.

A blood test to identify premature aging?

Mon May 23, 16:12 / comments: 0
The test measures the patient's biological age by measuring the telomeres (white)
A Spanish firm launches DNA test that determines the age of the patient's body, offering a hint about his life expectancy. The concept raises ethical questions.

A paraplegic man managed to stand upright

Fri May 20, 13:22 / comments: 0
Rob Summers, 25, car accident, can stand up and remain in that position for several minutes
Completely paralyzed for four years this 25 year old man was incapable of moving not even a toe. Now he can stand up, stand for several minutes and move his legs.

A Chinese baby born with two heads

Wed May 11, 11:01 / comments: 0
The little girl, or twins merged, would have two heads, two vertebral columns and two esophagi
Should we speak of a single child or two? This delicate question arises concerning the two-headed girl born Thursday in the Chinese province of Sichuan (southwest).

Laser Treatment for Acne

Tue Apr 19, 10:10 / comments: 0
Laser Treatment for Acne
Acne is a very common skin disease, which can create both aesthetic and psychological disorders in people suffering from this pathology, affecting mostly young people.

Fitness tips that you must follow

Thu Apr 14, 16:19 / comments: 1
Physical exercise is essential to the health both physically and mentally
Sometimes we do not even realize the bad physical shape in which we are for not practicing any type of exercise. Our daily jobs,taking the children to school, and to take care of the house occupies too much of our lives leaving us no time to treat our physical health.

Keep your child safe in the sunrays

Wed Apr  6, 09:08 / comments: 0
What to consider when using sunscreen and appropriate clothing to protect your child from harmful sun rays.

Photo Courtesy of DayStar.
Keeping your child safe from harmful sun rays is important during hot weather if both want to enjoy the summer. This article discusses what to consider when using sunscreen and appropriate clothing to protect your child.

Find time to practice physical exercise

Mon Apr  4, 10:44 / comments: 0
There are several ways you can include physical exercise in your daily life
For most people to find time to practice physical exercise it's a very hard task. But in fact only 30 minutes of daily physical activity is more than enough for you to get fit.
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