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All about obesity surgery before the operation

Fri Oct 23, 12:01 / comments: 0
Patients should know the benefits, risks and limitations of this kind of surgery.

Tell me with whom you eat, I'll tell you... what you eat

Thu Oct 22, 15:22 / comments: 0
A good mouthful challenges us to gorge on rich food
A study shows that our table companions have a strong influence over our appetite.

Sugar substitutes: the proper use of stevia and other

Wed Oct 21, 15:44 / comments: 0
Stevia (Eupatorium urticaefolium) is 300 times sweeter than sugar
They are mostly consumed by those who wish or must limit their sugar and/or calories intake, particularly overweight people and diabetics.

Do you use Alli?

Tue Oct 20, 15:13 / comments: 0
75% of users of Alli diet pill are women.

What and when to eat? That is the question

Sun Oct 11, 15:30 / comments: 0
Do you eat when hungry or filled with emotions?
What is it? That is the question we should ask when we want to eat. The specialists of "anti-craving" are trying to explain the origins of compulsive eating.
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