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Coffee: is it good or bad for health?

Mon Feb  7, 12:01 / comments: 0
Caffeine, usual dose (400 mg/d) have a protective effect against Parkinson's disease. Photo credits: REUTERS / Phil Noble.
The effects of caffeine on the brain, heart and some diseases are becoming better known.

1986-2000: British men took 7.7 kg, women 5.4 kg

Mon Dec 27, 15:12 / comments: 0
Lack of exercise and a too rich diet reprsentent "a time bomb" for people's health
The average weight of British men has increased by 7.7 kilograms, and women by 5.4 kilograms, according to a survey released Monday and conducted by the University of Oxford.

a new ideal BMI?

Wed Dec 15, 10:01 / comments: 0
The body mass index (BMI) assesses the corpulence and defines a single index that takes into account the weight and size
The BMI has changed: today it is located between 20.0 for men and 24.9 for women accordingly. Everyone is on a diet, or almost everyone. But who really needs to lose weight to derive benefits in terms of health?

Eating meat or drinking milk from cloned cows is safe

Sun Nov 28, 20:02 / comments: 0
What do you think? Would you trust food from cloned animals?
An independent investigation has shown that there was no difference between ordinary cattle and cloned cattle. So says the UK food safety.

He lost 12 pounds by eating sweets

Sat Nov 13, 11:04 / comments: 0
Mark Haub daily ate crisps, cakes and other junk food for ten weeks, limiting energy intake to 1800 calories per day
An American professor of dietetics has eaten for ten weeks cakes, crisps and chocolate bars. Surprise, its weight and bad cholesterol dropped. Explanations.

Obesity: Many factors to gain weight

Wed Sep 29, 12:01 / comments: 0
In some people, other problems are added to the imbalance between intake and energy expenditure
A diet higher in calories and physical activity at half-or-less energy expenditure contribute to increasing energy stockpiles in the body and therefore the fatty tissue.

Drink water to lose weight

Sun Sep  5, 15:24 / comments: 0
Drinking water acts on the satiety by filling the stomach with a liquid that contains no calories
The act of drinking the colorless, odorless and tasteless liquid, and especially before each meal, can contribute to weight loss, according to a recent study.

Diabetes: Avandia supervised

Sun Jul 25, 10:13 / comments: 0
Doctors are advised not to prescribe rosiglitazone for patients with heart failure or acute coronary syndrome
The European Medicines Agency called European doctors to follow strictly the recommendations contained in the record of diabetes drugs Avandia or Avandamet.

Cow milk protects babies from allergy?

Sun Jul 18, 12:30 / comments: 0
Cow milk given to a baby within the first 15 days of life could prevent allergy to it
According to new scientific research, giving cow milk to a baby within the first 15 days of baby's life, could prevent him from later allergy to it.

A molecule derived from the wine against obesity

Thu Jun 24, 12:22 / comments: 0
Resveratrol is found in the vineyards, concentrated in the skin of the grape
Resveratrol is also widely studied in aging and cardiovascular disease. This molecule has been the subject of more than 3300 scientific publications. First of all, for its anti-oxidant protection against cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Bacteriological safety of infant milk powder

Sun May 16, 15:22 / comments: 0
Since 2000, cases of enterocolitis, sepsis and meningitis caused by Enterobacter have been reported in neonatal units
Iinfant milk powder is not sterile! There may be Enterobacteriaceae, including Enterobacter sakazakii, pathogenic for infants. Since 2000, cases of enterocolitis, sepsis and meningitis caused by Enterobacter have been reported in neonatal units.

Is it safe to drink milk?

Tue May 11, 14:20 / comments: 1
Milk and dairy products are essential to our health at all stages of life
Milk and dairy products are essential to our health at all stages of life. The calcium they contain contributes massively to ensure bone strength and growth of the child and to effectively protect against osteoporosis.

Vitamin D: A key role in immunity

Sun Apr 11, 21:03 / comments: 0
Vitamin D, contained in fish oil, a product both ancient and revolutionary
The grandmothers who regularly gave the cod liver oil to their offspring were right. Like those who now recommend eating several times a week of salmon and other fatty fish and liver of chicken: these foods are rich in vitamin D and the latter is indispensable in our body.

Addicted to Big Macs?

Wed Apr  7, 18:13 / comments: 3
The addiction to drugs and obesity have neurobiological underpinnings
According to research by American scientists, fatty foods and sugary, hear the burgers, would create an addiction similar to that of a drug.

Lack of calcium makes you fat?

Thu Apr  1, 14:02 / comments: 0
Too many calories, not enough physical activity... To explain the weight gain is always the same song!

Vegetables against osteoporosis

Tue Feb 16, 15:13 / comments: 0
Calcium and vitamin D are proposed as first choice for nutritional prevention of osteoporosis
In addition to dairy products, fruit and vegetables are important for bone health. Several nutrients, including magnesium, potassium, vitamins C, K, and Group B, carotenoids showed a much larger role than previously thought.

Obesity: Loss of certain genes increases the risk of overweight

Thu Feb  4, 14:54 / comments: 0
There is a link between obesity and neuropsychiatric diseases
New perspectives for targeted preventive treatment are opened now. The international team focused on the role played by the absence of a small fragment of chromosome 16 in the occurrence of severe form of obesity.

Lose weight by eating slowly

Tue Jan 19, 14:01 / comments: 0
Be aware of your bad food reflexes and participate in eradicating them
Placed under the plate, the device calculates the speed at which you eat, and transmits information to a computer. The figures draw a curve, comparing the weight of food and time devoted to swallow.

Red wine: Paradox Unveiled

Sat Jan  9, 11:36 / comments: 0
The red wine is beneficial in moderate amounts
The cardiovascular benefits of moderate consumption of wine, especially red, are now accepted, but the mechanism of action has been unknown for a long time.

Still hungry? Blame a hormone for it!

Sat Jan  2, 11:00 / comments: 0
Blocking the natural secretion of ghrelin in the mice, makes the rodents eat less food rich in fat
The behavior of people who continue to eat even more who hunger could be explained by the action of ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates the appetite, according to U.S. researchers.
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