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The low-dose aspirin reduces mortality from some common cancers

Tue Dec  7, 10:22 / comments: 0
Taking low-dose aspirin (75 mg daily) in the long term leads to reduction of cancer mortality
A small amount of aspirin, taken daily, will substantially reduce mortality from a number of common cancers such as colon cancer or prostate cancer, according to a study published Tuesday in the British medical journal The Lancet.

More is known about HPV (Human papillomavirus)

Mon Oct 18, 18:07 / comments: 0
Human papillomavirus (HPV) is very common and particularly infectious
Human papillomavirus (HPV) is very common and particularly infectious. According to estimates, 70% of sexually active people are exposed at some point in their life, usually in adolescence or early adulthood.

On the trail of a vaccine against brain cancer

Fri Oct  8, 12:24 / comments: 0
EGFRVIII marker is also found in other cancers (like breast or lung) but not in normal tissues
A therapeutic vaccine, tested in combination with conventional therapy in twenty patients, has extended survival by about 70%. These preliminary results have been obtained by the team of John Sampson at Duke University (United States).

A hope against lung cancer?

Sat Sep 11, 17:22 / comments: 0
Metformin activated an enzyme produced by molecules that neutralize antimicrobial protein that plays a key role in the growth and survival of lung cancer cells
The antidiabetic drug metformin significantly reduced the frequency of this type of cancer in laboratory mice exposed to a derivative of nicotine, carcinogens in tobacco.

Chlordecone increases the risk of prostate cancer

Mon Jun 28, 11:45 / comments: 0
Used against the weevil, a small nocturnal beetle that attacks the banana, chlordecone is one of the first endocrine disruptors studied in the world
Exposure to chlordecone significantly increases the risk of prostate cancer. This is the main result of an epidemiological study. This product family interacts with hormone-related cancers like prostate or breast cancer.

Vitamin B6 and methionine reduce the risk of lung cancer

Wed Jun 16, 15:13 / comments: 0
Methionine and vitamin B6 may cut more than half the risk of lung cancer
Patients with high levels of vitamin B6 and methionine would be less likely to develop lung cancer, according to the EPIC study conducted by researchers at the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) published in JAMA.

Research: Vaccine against breast cancer

Thu Jun  3, 15:03 / comments: 0
The researchers evaluated the vaccine first in a transgenic mouse that spontaneously developed mammary tumors and in mice that received transplants of mammary tumors
The announcement of the discovery of a vaccine against breast cancer in mice published in the latest issue of "Medicine" raises logically, many hopes. Obviously, such a vaccine is more than expected.

Women. Cigarettes. Lung cancer

Mon May 24, 21:09 / comments: 0
For women, there are four times more deaths than fifteen years ago
Lung cancer is the most specific indicator of the effect of tobacco on health. If we monitor lung cancer between 35 and 44 years, we observe the effects of smoking the last twenty years. For women, there are four times more deaths than fifteen years ago.

Mobile phones and cancer study: no link found

Mon May 17, 12:11 / comments: 0
It is difficult to demonstrate an increased risk of cancer associated with the use of mobile phones
International Interphone Study of International Center for Cancer Research does not confirm an increased risk of cancer associated with the use of mobile phones.

Colorectal cancer: Prevention with sigmoidoscopy

Thu Apr 29, 16:01 / comments: 0
The incidence of colorectal cancer was reduced by 33% in people who have made a sigmoidoscopy
According to a study by British researchers published in the medical journal Lancet, for a sigmoidoscopy, a cursory examination of the rectum and lower colon, between 55 and 64 years would reduce deaths from cancer colorectal by 43%.

Cancer: a study returns on fruits and vegetables

Mon Apr 12, 16:24 / comments: 0
Everyone has heard that to be healthy we must eat five fruit and vegetables per day, yet it now appears that contrary to what was previously thought, these eating habits are not sufficient to reduce the risk of cancer.

Prostate cancer: A preventive drug

Thu Apr  1, 15:13 / comments: 0
Each year, prostate cancer strikes 90.000 men and is responsible for 10.000 deaths
A new drug, dutasteride, taken as a preventive measure could reduce the risk of getting prostate cancer by 23%.

Lung cancer in non-smokers: discovery of a genetic predisposition

Mon Mar 22, 20:22 / comments: 0
A quarter of lung cancer cases worldwide occur among non-smokers
Genetic variations may significantly contribute to increasing the risk of developing lung cancer among never-smokers, according to a study published Monday online in the journal The Lancet Oncology.

Lung Cancer: A question of genes?

Mon Mar 15, 15:13 / comments: 0
A possible link between a gene on chromosome 6, and lung cancer
Not all smokers are equal to the risk of cancer. A genetic factor is also responsible for lung cancer, a study by U.S. researchers says.

Researchers invent a test revealing the genetic signature of tumor

Fri Feb 19, 15:26 / comments: 0
Researchers identified biomarkers specific to a tumor in blood by blood test
U.S. researchers have developed the first genetic test that can identify biomarkers specific to a tumor in blood, a breakthrough that could improve the personalized treatment of cancer.

Cancer, the leading cause of death worldwide, can be avoided

Thu Feb  4, 15:02 / comments: 0
Cancer, the leading cause of death worldwide, can be avoided in 40% of cases
40% of cancers can be avoided by "simple measures" which include stopping smoking, limiting alcohol, avoiding too much sun exposure, keeping an average weight by eating healthily and making exercise, and finally protecting against infections that can develop into cancer.

Stop smoking even when lung cancer is diagnosed

Mon Jan 25, 17:42 / comments: 0
During their lifetime, smokers have a twenty times higher risk of developing lung cancer compared to non smokers
Patients with lung cancer diagnosed at an early stage would double their chances of survival if they stop smoking immediately, compared with those who continue to smoke, according to a study published in British Medical Journal (BMJ).

High levels of vitamin D linked to reduced risk of colon cancer

Sun Jan 24, 11:18 / comments: 0
Can increased blood levels of vitamin D actually reduce the risk of cancer without causing serious side effects?
High blood levels of vitamin D are associated with reduced risk of colon cancer, according to a comparative study on more than half a million Europeans, published Friday by the British Medical Journal (BMJ)

Lung cancer: New promising compunds

Mon Dec 28, 13:06 / comments: 0
The new inhibitors of intracellular enzymes reduced the growth of broncho-pulmonary tumors in mice
New compounds tested on mice appear promising to fight lung cancer, including forms that become resistant to current treatments, according to a U.S. study.

X-ray scanners responsible for cancer

Thu Dec 17, 10:18 / comments: 0
Medical imaging: radiation scanners responsible for cancer
The radiation emitted by the scanners used for making medical images could be responsible for thousands of cancers that appear years later.
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