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Influenza A and pregnancy

Sat Dec  5, 10:16 / comments: 0
The experts recommend a vaccine without adjuvant for pregnant women from the second trimester of pregnancy
Whether containing an adjuvant or not, the only authorized on the market vaccines, which guarantees quality and safety of the product should be used. The experts recommend a vaccine without adjuvant for pregnant women from the second trimester of pregnancy.

Measles: Millions of children in danger

Fri Dec  4, 13:44 / comments: 0
Half a million children could die of measles in 2013
Half a million children could die of measles in 2013, against 164,000 in 2008, when countries relax the pressure on this highly contagious disease, warned on Thursday the World Health Organization (WHO).

The decline of influenza H1N1 in the United States

Tue Dec  1, 14:22 / comments: 0
The decline of the infections of influenza virus H1N1 continues in the United States for the fourth consecutive week, and this after months of a strong increase, according to the latest federal statistics released Monday.

H1N1 influenza: Buying drugs via the Internet may be dangerous, experts say

Sun Nov 22, 12:18 / comments: 0
Beside the risk for health, buying drugs via the Internet enables cyber criminals to reap millions of dollars
Buy Tamiflu against the H1N1 influenza on the Internet. Nothing more simple and users are more likely to do so. Beside the risk for health it enables cyber criminals to reap millions of dollars.

A mutant version of H1N1 detected in Norway

Sat Nov 21, 12:11 / comments: 0
Despite the mutation the vaccine is still effective
The World Health reported that 3 cases of mutation of the H1N1 virus have been detected in Norway. The vaccine is still effective.

Anti smoking vaccine soon in the U.S.

Wed Nov 18, 13:14 / comments: 0
Tobacco dependence is due to nicotine, a drug also produced naturally by the brain
Now in the final phase of testing with humans, it could soon be allowed in the United States. GSK has initiated the Phase 3 trials expected to determine actual effectiveness of the vaccine on smokers.

All about Pandemrix

Sat Nov 14, 16:11 / comments: 0
The main study has shown that Pandemrix induced a sufficient antibody response
Pandemrix is a vaccine for adults. It should be used only when a flu pandemic has been officially declared by the World Health Organization (WHO) or the European Union (EU).

H1N1: vaccination progress in U.S. and abroad

Fri Nov 13, 12:34 / comments: 0
In some U.S. states, we see long queues to get vaccinated
The distribution of vaccines, which started more slowly than expected in the United States, is well below forecasts. China and United Kingdom make better progress?

Influenza A: vaccine side effects

Thu Nov 12, 08:06 / comments: 0
Some medics express doubts about the risks of side effects, such as Guillain-Barré syndrome
Vaccines against influenza A (H1N1) would not cause long term side effects.

Retirement is health!

Mon Nov  9, 10:14 / comments: 0
The elderly feel healthier after retirement
Older people feel healthier in the years following their retirement.

Why do men cheat their unfaithful wives?

Fri Nov  6, 03:10 / comments: 0
According to a survey by the website, 42% of men deceive their unfaithful women mainly because they want change and feel the need for novelty.

WHO and UNICEF to save 5.3 million children

Tue Nov  3, 13:18 / comments: 0
Pneumonia: WHO and UNICEF launches plan to save 5.3 million children
The World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) launched Monday a global plan to combat pneumonia, the leading cause of death among children under five years.

China: Novartis invests $1 billion in research and development

Tue Nov  3, 02:01 / comments: 0
Head of Swiss pharmaceutical group Novartis in Basel
The Swiss pharmaceutical group Novartis is going to invest one billion dollars (679.9 million euros) over the next five years in research and development in China, where demand for medical care continues to grow.

The HIV positive are welcome in the United States again

Sun Nov  1, 12:01 / comments: 0
Barack Obama announced that he would finalize the order cancelling the ban on entering the territory for HIV positive people, completing a process begun by George W. Bush.

Ukrainians stroke by the H1N1 influenza

Sat Oct 31, 21:18 / comments: 0
A Ukrainian masked sells fruits in the market, October 31, 2009 in Lviv
The Ukrainians were under the influence of panic Saturday, robbing pharmacies masks and treatments against influenza, after the government announced drastic measures against the H1N1 influenza epidemic that killed at least four in the country.

H1N1: availability of vaccines in the U.S., after delays

Wed Oct 28, 10:18 / comments: 0
Although it is too difficult to get vaccines, they become much more available
The number of vaccines against H1N1 influenza available in the United States is on the increase, said Tuesday U.S. health officials

The Pandemrix also effective for the elderly

Wed Oct 28, 10:18 / comments: 1
H1N1: the Pandemrix, also effective in the elderly
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) announced Tuesday that a clinical study had demonstrated that its vaccine against influenza A (H1N1), the Pandemrix was also effective with the first dose in people over 60 years.

Aspirin can be dangerous

Tue Oct 27, 15:35 / comments: 0
It may be unsafe if overdosed or not in line with the recommendations
For more than a century, scientists have discovered many different uses of this drug, which makes it truly unique in the history of pharmacy.

H1N1: 5000 already dead

Mon Oct 26, 08:09 / comments: 0
Influenza H1N1 has killed at least 5,000 people in 195 countries and territories around the world
Influenza H1N1 has killed at least 5,000 people in 195 countries and territories worldwide.

H1N1 influenza: Obama declared health emergency in the United States

Sat Oct 24, 21:18 / comments: 0
U.S. President Barack Obama, October 23, 2009 in Stamford, Connecticut
U.S. President Barack Obama has declared a health emergency in the United States regarding the epidemic of H1N1 influenza, after the death of over 1,000 people in the country since the spring, said Saturday the White House.
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