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Spring and pollution: bad time for the allergic people

Tue Mar 16, 21:09 / comments: 0
Bad news for allergy sufferers. After a period of extreme cold, higher temperatures will be accompanied by an explosion of pollen, alder, hazel and ash causing asthma and rhinitis (hay fever).

Heart attacks: Women die often than men

Tue Mar 16, 21:07 / comments: 0
Women had twice as much risk of dying from a heart attack than men who had a heart attack
Significantly more women die than men due to cardiovascular disease because they rarely receive examinations and treatment applied routinely to men, according to a study by French researchers presented Tuesday the United States.

Italy launches plan to fight against childhood obesity

Fri Mar 12, 15:18 / comments: 0
Italy against childhood obesity
Some 50,000 students from 2,600 primary schools in Italy will benefit from a pilot scheme to fight against obesity to improve nutrition and promote their sport, said Friday the Italian Ministry of Health.

Age: Men often more active than women

Wed Mar 10, 15:18 / comments: 0
Gender: men more often active than women with age
Men are twice as likely as women to be sexually active at older ages, but, regardless of sex, be healthy is crucial for the sexual well being after these ages come, according to a study published Wednesday by the British Medical Journal (BMJ).

Influenza H1N1 continues to decline

Sat Mar  6, 10:18 / comments: 0
Influenza H1N1 continues to decline, 16,455 dead since spring 2009
Pandemic influenza H1N1, which has killed 16,455 since March 2009, continues to decline worldwide, according to the latest report published Friday by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Five thousand people die of food poisoning each year in the U.S.

Fri Mar  5, 13:18 / comments: 0
76 million cases of severe food poisoning each year in the U.S.
About 5,000 people die each year from food poisoning in the United States and this phenomenon is costing about $152 billion per year to the community, according to a report released Thursday.

Denmark allows heroin under medical supervision

Sun Feb 28, 16:08 / comments: 0
More and more countries allow the controlled distribution of heroin
After Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom and more limited in Spain, Denmark allows, in turn, controlled distribution of heroin under medical supervision.

The transmission of tuberculosis in planes

Mon Feb 22, 14:03 / comments: 0
The chances of tuberculosis transmission during air travel are limited
Only two investigations have provided convincing evidence of transmission of tuberculosis. Among more than 2761 passengers and crew members screened, only 10 have had a test to intradermal tuberculin which became positive.

Dolphins can help understand human disease

Fri Feb 19, 04:26 / comments: 0
This research reveals that bottlenose dolphins, the species most known, may at any time get into a physiological state resembling diabetes
Dolphins and humans suffer from similar diseases. They are thus the first natural model for study of human diabetes, opening the possibility for discovery of treatments against the disease responsible for 5% of deaths worldwide per year, according to a study.

Should we all take cholesterol-lowering drugs?

Wed Feb 17, 15:20 / comments: 0
Statins may be prescribed to individuals without cardiovascular disease or apparent high LDL cholesterol, but considered at risk for cardiovascular disease
In the U.S., these cholesterol drugs are now allowed for a growing number of people without high cholesterol. To a significant cost.

The majority of smokers quit without assistance

Wed Feb 17, 15:18 / comments: 0
Between two thirds and three fourths of ex-smokers eventually stop without help
All experts agree that to stop smoking, it is primarily a powerful incentive based on certainty that smoking is bad for health.

Abu Dhabi gives 25 million dollars for the fight against malaria

Wed Feb 10, 20:18 / comments: 0
243 million cases of malaria worldwide have been reported in 2008 with 863,000 deaths. Abu Dhabi gives 25 million dollars for the fight against malaria.
The oil-rich emirate of Abu Dhabi announced on Wednesday it had donated $25 million over five years for a program to fight against malaria, the Roll Back Malaria Partnership (RBM).

Communicate by thought: A hope for patients

Sun Feb  7, 16:02 / comments: 0
A man seen for five years as being in vegetative state was able to answer "yes" and "no", only by his thoughts
The achievement of a medical team, managed to contact a man who believed in vegetative state, could help avoid future errors in diagnosis, better care for patients but also to avoid the aggressive treatment.

The H1N1 flu has killed 14,711 since its appearance

Sat Jan 30, 10:50 / comments: 0
The H1N1 flu has already killed 14,711 people
H1N1 influenza pandemic which spread has slowed markedly in the northern hemisphere, has killed at least 14,711 people worldwide since its launch in March/April 2009, according to the latest report published Friday by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Bisphenol-A: the American drug agency concerned about possible risk

Sun Jan 17, 01:04 / comments: 0
Bisphenol-A (BPA): possible risk?
The FDA, the American drug agency, said it is now concerned about possible health risks of bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical found in plastic bottles and food containers that were declared safe in 2008.

Telling your boss what you think is good for health

Wed Jan 13, 18:18 / comments: 0
Employees who can be frank with their leader evacuate their stress
Telling your boss what you think is good for health, says a study. When executives were receiving employee feedback, they were more inclined to change their management style and were therefore perceived as more effective managers.

TV makes us big, the study shows

Sat Dec 19, 15:13 / comments: 0
Participants that halved the time spent watching television have become more active and spent an average of 120 extra calories per day
The overweight adult could burn more calories if they watched less television, according to a study published in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine.

Heating: When your home becomes unsafe

Thu Dec 17, 10:10 / comments: 0
The indoor overheating is often linked to an increased carbon monoxide poisoning that can be fatal
Carbon monoxide poisoning results in most cases in headache, nausea, or vomiting. It can be fatal in the worst cases. To limit the risk of poisoning from carbon monoxide, please follow the recommendations.

H1N1: About 10,000 deaths in the United States

Fri Dec 11, 17:48 / comments: 0
H1N1 influenza: about 10,000 deaths in the United States
The H1N1 flu has killed about 10,000, including 1,100 children and infected nearly 50 million people in the United States since April, according to an estimate of federal health authorities.

Indoor air pollution, sources of allergens

Mon Dec  7, 13:06 / comments: 0
People with respiratory allergy seem to be little aware of the risks associated with exposure to indoor air pollution
Third of the population born after 1980 is allergic. Despite the frequency of this problem and its constant increase, people with respiratory allergy seem to be little aware of the risks associated with exposure to indoor air pollution.
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