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Do Not Abuse Nasal Sprays and Drops!

Nonprescription nasal sprays and drops sometimes do more harm than good.
Nonprescription nasal sprays and drops sometimes do more harm than good.

If you use sprays against cold too often, you may lose your natural protection against more serious diseases, such as sinusitis.

Nonprescription nasal sprays and drops sometimes do more harm than good.

The trouble is that they interfere with one of the thinnest protection mechanisms. When the body realizes that influenza or the common cold invaded the body, it responds by filling thousands of capillaries in the nose with the blood, causing swelling of the mucous membrane.

This makes it difficult to newcomers to enter the body. At the same time in the mucus antimicrobial white blood cells are released that seek out and destroy these aliens.

Besides intervention into the the protective mechanism, nasal sprays can damage the membranes of the mucous cells, causing them to lose their microscopic cilia, which are fundamentaly important in the proper operation of the nasal mucosa. Ultimately drops and sprays abuse can lead to recurrent infections of the sinuses.

If you need to use a spray, use it no more than twice a day for 3-4 days. Then do a 3-4 days break. You must remember that the nasal sprays as the medication is the most rapidly addictive. If you notice that the time of their action is reduced, then you get used to them and it's time to stop. Safer alternative medicines are natural decongestants.


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