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How to Avoid a Heart Attack in Winter?

How to Avoid a Heart Attack in Winter?
How to Avoid a Heart Attack in Winter?

Not only should you mind icy conditions on roads, cold in the head, heating shortage in winter, but also guard against heart attacks.

One always suffers hardships in wintertime – snow-covered roads, icicles hanging from roofs and falling on heads, it’s getting dark too early and to top it all lips become weather-beaten. But it’s nothing to what may happen. If you don’t take care of your heart, there’s a good chance that you will have an infarction.

Cold air

When a stem of thermometer falls below zero, each successive decrease of temperature by -1 degree boosts the risk of heart attack by 2%. As a result, you will have the chest pain, even when there’s minimum load for example an uphill climb. A mere trifle, isn’t it?

Put on gloves and cold weather footwear without fail. If limbs are numb, it may result in vasoconstriction and as a consequence heart has to work much more intensively in order to pump blood thereto. Also tie a scarf around your nose and mouth, so that cold air is heated before it reaches lungs. But this method won’t work out for a long period of time.  Pay attention to the fact that any scarf accumulates moisture from the breath; therefore it is no longer a warmer-upper.

New Year holidays

Excessive use of alcohol, overeating… And early in the morning it seems like a caught starling is fluttering in your chest. Doctors call it “holiday heart syndrome”.  Carousal until daylight is more than enough to lead to heart rhythm malfunction.


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Work kills

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