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Black currant effective in removing dark circles under the eyes

Blackcurrant may erase the dark circles under the eyes of people who do not sleep enough
Blackcurrant may erase the dark circles under the eyes of people who do not sleep enough

The black currant fruit are known to improve blood circulation, and scientists have hypothesized that blackcurrant may erase the dark circles under the eyes of people who do not sleep enough.

Japanese researchers from the Hirosaki University studied 33 women and found that consumption of black currant would fuel more blood vessels that surround the eye with oxygen.

The blackcurrant fruit contain many phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, essential fatty acids and minerals. They also have four times more vitamin C than oranges, and contain an essential fatty acid - a very rare gamma linoleic acid.

The anthocyanins, naturally present in the blackcurrant (and some cherries and red wine, for example), not only improve blood circulation, but also reduce arthritic inflammation.

The blackcurrant fruit are also known for fighting against the urinary tract infections, kidney problems, rheumatism and cardiovascular problems.


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