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Pregnancy: Fish against premature birth

Consumption of fish during the nine months of pregnancy reduce the risk of preterm delivery (Credit: Le Figaro)
Consumption of fish during the nine months of pregnancy reduce the risk of preterm delivery (Credit: Le Figaro)

Although current medical techniques used to effectively manage premature babies, looking for ways to prevent birth before the end is the subject of numerous studies. An American study has shown that moderate consumption of fish is associated with a reduction of preterm birth.

The original study tried to find whether supplementation with omega-3 between 16 weeks and 21 weeks and 6 days of pregnancy was possible to reduce the risk of prematurity. The results of this trial failed to demonstrate a benefit for women.

The 852 women included in the test were then given a questionnaire about their eating habits during the test. And then, surprise, it was found that the likelihood of preterm delivery was significantly reduced in those who consumed fish more than once a month compared to those consuming less (35.9% against 48.6%) .

The lowest risk was found among women eating fish three times a week with a relative risk decreased by 40%. The researchers were even able to conclude that beyond the three times a week (some women consuming every day), there was no additional benefit.


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