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Fitness tips that you must follow

Physical exercise is essential to the health both physically and mentally
Physical exercise is essential to the health both physically and mentally

Sometimes we do not even realize the bad physical shape in which we are for not practicing any type of exercise. Our daily jobs, taking the children to school, and to take care of the house occupies too much of our lives leaving us no time to treat our physical health.

But we have to gain awareness that physical exercise is essential to the health both physically and mentally, and our days will be much better and more productive if we have the energy and personal well-being that physical exercise can bring.

For a complete and effective physical exercise is necessary to take into account four important components of physical fitness. Endurance, strength, flexibility and body composition. For this end there are numerous sports that can be practiced so that you exercise all of this components.


Recommended by all experts of health and sport, swimming works every muscle in your body and endurance. Despite being a very demanding physical sport it's at the same time very enjoyable to practice. Can also be practiced by all age groups and all you just really need is a swimming pool.


With the ability to work all the muscles of the body, improves agility, speed, flexibility, physical conditioning and increases muscular strength. Also as the capacity to burn between 600 to 900 calories in just one hour. It has become a pleasant and fun way to practice physical exercise.


With a huge physical demand this sport is great for burning calories and gain muscle mass. As one of the most complete sports there is, it brings countless benefits to your health and a constant well-being to your life.


It can be practiced by any age group. Excellent for reducing cholesterol and blood pressure, also helps to control diabetes. To get the most out of this sport and strengthen the legs, diversify the type of terrain on wich you ride. From uphill to downhill, and flat roads to mountains.


For the fans of combat sports, boxing is presented as an excellent choice. Improves your physical fitness, increases your inner strength and emotional balance, improves the cardiovascular component and fortify the muscles. Also able to burn between 300-500 calories in just one hour of training, the practice of boxing will make you a stronger and a more confident person.


One of the sports more accessible and easy to practice, where you only need is a good pair of running shoes, a sweatshirt and shorts. With the ability to mobilize the entire body, only 30 minutes of jogging are enough to burn up 300 calories.

It's Just a matter of choosing the sports that give you more pleasure to practise and better adjusts to your person.

What is really important is that you build a concrete and effective daily routine where you practice at least 1 hour per day of physical exercise. Choose at least two different sports to practice. For example Swimming and Boxing, or Jogging and Rowing, and each every day you focus on one of the two sports you chose.

When you have your goals set is very important that they are realistic and possible to be performed, so you able to keep the routine without breaking it. And never practice too much sport to not harm your body. Resting is also necessary so the muscles can recover.


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