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The female brain is more active than male

Women are constantly concerned about multiple tasks and must handle more things than men
Women are constantly concerned about multiple tasks and must handle more things than men

Canadian researcher Adrianna Mendrek has come to the conclusion that the female brain is more active than men.

Among other banalities we often hear that men know better than women, thinking of nothing. This "virtue" could in reality is based on a real neurological fact. At rest, the neuronal activity of the brain called "default network" is indeed greater in women than in men.

Does this mean that the female brain never rests? Adrianna Mendrek is however clear that "this discovery was made by chance in a specific context, and it deserves further investigation." Specialist on schizophrenia, the researcher conducting a study on patients with this disease to compare their brain activity at rest and activity, by gender. As with any clinical study, it is advisable to have a panel of healthy subjects to compare the results.

Thus, 42 men and women without schizophrenia aged 25 to 45 years, met with a task of mental rotation from a three-dimensional figure, while their brain activity was measured by magnetic resonance. The same measure of neuronal activity was taken while the subjects rested between exercises. Observation of the researcher and her team: "At rest, the women were in the self-assessment of what they were doing, while men were able to completely relax. "

"We are not yet able to say how much was social pressure and what are the other hormones in this biological difference, Adrianna Mendrek advance. In our current society, women are constantly concerned about multiple tasks and must handle more things than men, so this result is hardly surprising. "

Measurements of estrogen and testosterone were made during this study. It remains for the team to try to establish a link with measures of activity observed by defining its exact role. And thus determine the share of hormones and "social pressure"  on the higher brain activity of women at rest. For now, the results of this study are not yet published.


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