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Physical activity for a smooth recovery

A gradual recovery is required to avoid accidents, especially when we get older
A gradual recovery is required to avoid accidents, especially when we get older

Spring is back and this creates the desire to resume physical activity, often abandoned during the long winter months. The benefits of sport for health and especially for the heart are well documented.

Provided, however, well prepared and follow certain rules to avoid accidents, especially when we get older. Because we could develop deposits of cholesterol in the arteries during this period of inactivity.

If, upon resumption, we do not detect them by doing a stress test, with the cardiologist, coronary heart disease underlying which was hitherto unknown will be revealed.

In terms of constraints of cardiovascular diseases, adrenalin in the blood will be higher and cause a greater rise in heart rate and blood pressure and cardiac work. According to a study on a population of 1,950,000 inhabitants, 127 accidents related to the practice of physical activity were recorded.

They have caused 34 deaths and 47 nonfatal myocardial infarction. Significant figures, which must lead to be careful, but certainly not to relinquish. On the other hand, all the structures involved, the muscles, tendons, joints, which were more used to be called, may suffer.

Hence the need to maintain a temperature rise of a minimum of 5 minutes to practice physical activity to see possible signals of the body intolerance (chest pain, pain in joints, tendons) and to perform active recovery, a gradual return to calm and avoid hard stops. Finally, regularity will gradually improve performance without effort or risk .


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Physical activity could prolong the lives of patients with chronic kidney disease
According to a U.S. study published online on the website of the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (CJASN), physical activity could prolong the lives of patients with chronic kidney disease.

Fitness tips that you must follow

Physical exercise is essential to the health both physically and mentally
Sometimes we do not even realize the bad physical shape in which we are for not practicing any type of exercise. Our daily jobs,taking the children to school, and to take care of the house occupies too much of our lives leaving us no time to treat our physical health.

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Sitting at work negatively impact life expectancy. (Credit: Steelcase)
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