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Allergy: New in treatment

A DNA sequence may help treat allergic diseases
A DNA sequence may help treat allergic diseases

DNA sequence might contribute to the creation of a specific treatment for allergic diseases without affecting the functioning of the entire immune system, according to results of work done by a team of researchers at INSERM, announced Wednesday, February 24.

This DNA sequence could neutralize the calcium channels, responsible for skin allergies (respiratory or food), to control the immune system.

In their work, researchers have introduced an in vitro strand of DNA in cells endowed with calcium channels that play a major role in the immune system.

Dubbed "antisense" DNA sequence has reduced considerably the amount of channels responsible for allergic diseases such as asthma.

Tested on mice with asthma, this mechanism has proven very effective. Researchers must now find out if the humans express these calcium channels too to determine a sequence capable of treating diseases like allergies.


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