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How to avoid a hangover?

Stay clear, drink water, eat fatty food to reduce hangover
Stay clear, drink water, eat fatty food to reduce hangover

The holiday season often offers an endless consumption of alcohol and usually ends up in a hangover. Here are some tips for participating in the festival while reducing - but not stopping completely - its most formidable consequences.

Stay clear

Dark colors of alcohol like red wine or whiskey contain high levels of congeners, unhealthy substances known to aggravate the hangover. Avoid whiskey. Chose some vodka on the rocks instead.

Drink water

Alternate alcoholic drinks with glasses of water. This not only soothe your drinking, but it will also help remove toxins while keeping your hydration level.

Eat fatty food

Fatty food contains a hormone that retards the digestion. A substantial meal or snack containing fat, protein or carbohydrates (macaroni and cheese, bagels with salmon, or a simple glass of full cream milk slow absorption of alcohol.


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