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Marriage = overweight?

Marriage is really a decision of weight in the proper sense of the term
Marriage is really a decision of weight in the proper sense of the term (credits:

This is a reason to think hard before having the ring on ones finger. Because marriage is really a decision of weight in the proper sense of the term, confirms a study of 10,000 Americans followed for 20 years.

Without great surprise, the Ohio University sociologists have found that in two years after marriage or even divorced, men and women took a little longer to overweight than those remained single. The results have been more surprising as regards catches of large weight - between 3 and 9 kg or even more - which may have harmful consequences for health. In this field, the equality of the sexes is not for tomorrow! It is in the years after the wedding that women are likely to grow much. The men were more likely to accumulate the kilos after a divorce.

According to the authors of this investigation recently presented in Las Vegas, the explanation is simple. Young married, who perform more tasks in the home, have less time to exercise and deal with them than single women. As the men, who generally adopt food hygiene of their wives, they would tend to return to their (bad) habits after a separation.


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