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Drink water to lose weight

Drinking water acts on the satiety by filling the stomach with a liquid that contains no calories
Drinking water acts on the satiety by filling the stomach with a liquid that contains no calories

Campaigns announcing that the mere fact of drinking some mineral waters allowed to lose weight have never rested on works properly documented.

But the idea of an irrational kind of inner purification by water intake alone seems widely shared. It seems however that to drink the liquid, and especially before each meal, can contribute to weight loss.

This findings were presented last week in Boston at the annual convention of the American Chemical Society. Dr. Brenda Davy (Department of Human Nutrition, Institute of Technology, Virginia) proposed to evaluate the effect on the weight of the intake of two glasses of water before each of the three daily meals.

For this, she recruited 48 overweight individuals aged 55-75 years, divided them into two groups and all subject for twelve weeks to a low calorie diet. But the first group had to drink two more glasses of water before each meal.

The results presented in Boston showed that those who drank two glasses of water got significantly thinner than the others. A previous study also allowed to calculate that drinking water before eating encouraged to lower consumption of food about 75-90 calories per meal.

The result of drink water would act on the satiety by filling the stomach with a liquid that contains no calories. "People should drink more water before meals and less sugary drinks and high-calorie," said Brenda Davy at the conference. This is a simple and easy way to manage your weight.

For information, a can of sweetened soda contains the equivalent of 10 teaspoons of sugar.


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