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Is it safe to drink milk?

Milk and dairy products are essential to our health at all stages of life
Milk and dairy products are essential to our health at all stages of life

Milk and dairy products are essential to our health at all stages of life. The calcium they contain contributes massively to ensure bone strength and growth of the child and to effectively protect against osteoporosis.

Conversely, the substitution of milk from fake milk or juice of plants, usually soy, seriously endangers the health, especially children. No quality studies, no scientific body shows no toxicity and moderate drinking milk everyday!

Omnivore, man is forced to vary his diet. Each class has its special foods, and preferably provides one or more nutrients, none should be neglected. Dairy products provide calcium you can not do without because all other foods combined are insufficient to meet needs.

The bone is not static, fossilized, but alive: one changes the skeleton 3-4 times in a lifetime, more or less depending on the quality of our food.

Deficiencies of calcium are dangerous. Moreover, bone is formed up to 30% by weight of protein formed by amino acids from our food! However, the dairy proteins are among the best for the bones and for the muscles. Milk contains a lot of extra water, a valuable source of hydration and fat.

Dairy products also contain vitamins and trace elements in quantities, there are particular selenium and zinc in major antioxidant functions, they also provide omega-3, especially since we eat too few fish and seafood and many other substances beneficial to health, including to facilitate sleep...

The milk is accused of being responsible for diseases as diverse as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, or even decline in male fertility, or arthritis, colds and ear infections, autism and even osteoporosis! Nonsense. Especially since science has shown the opposite for hypertension, metabolic syndrome, colorectal and breast cancer.

Milk can be adapted to 100% of individuals. It may provoke some intolerances. Lactose intolerance is, especially in adults and some Asians, but they do not consume yogurt without problems and cheese and even a little milk. For the allergic, allergy to milk protein affects 1-2% of children, but they recover most often before the age of 3 years.


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