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Addicted to Big Macs?

The addiction to drugs and obesity have neurobiological underpinnings
The addiction to drugs and obesity have neurobiological underpinnings

You can not prevent you from snacking cakes during the day? You do not resist the pleasure of a chocolate bar? You need a Big Mac at least 2 or 3 times a week? It could be that you're hooked! Yes! For fatty foods and sweets can also be transformed into real drugs.

A study on rats for three years found that food high in calories and contain a high sugar and fat content has created a real addiction among our friends rodents, similar to addiction entails taking a drug.

Indeed, the rats were accustomed to the sweet and fatty foods and it leads to an almost compulsive becoming obese in a few months.

It is possible that the result is the same in humans because the addiction to drugs and obesity have neurobiological underpinnings.


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