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Lose weight by eating slowly

Be aware of your bad food reflexes and participate in eradicating them
Be aware of your bad food reflexes and participate in eradicating them

Losing weight without reducing the contents of the plate, is this possible? The only constraint can be: eat more slowly.

Fight against obesity is the goal of mandometer, a small device designed by the Swedish professor Per Södersten (Karolinska Institute, Stockholm). Placed under the plate, the device calculates the speed at which you eat, and transmits information to a computer. The figures draw a curve, comparing the weight of food and time devoted to swallow. By comparing with an ideal curve defined by a nutritionist, we discover if we ate too fast or not.

A study based on a panel of 106 young overweight of 9 to 17 years, published by the British Medical Journal, shows that eating more slowly can effectively combat obesity.

Be aware of your bad food reflexes and participate in eradicating them. The team of researchers who wrote the study, headed by British professor Julian Hamilton-Shield, said initially that the teens ate too fast. But after a year of using the device, they started eating less and at a speed reduced by 11%.

And it is not everything. Thanks to their new way of eating, these teenagers have lost weight because their BMI (body mass index) has declined on average by 2.1%, according to the study.


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