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Cannabis as a last remedy for an autistic child

She added some cannabis to her brownies and her son recovered appetite
She added some cannabis to her brownies and her son recovered appetite

Cannabis as a last remedy to prevent her autistic child from starving: the solution adopted by a mother in California.

"I heard of cannabis used for medical purposes. So I researched and found a doctor who had developed a protocol for use of cannabis among children with autism," said the mother.

Her 10 year old autistic son refused to eat and had reached a critical weight. "He was violent towards himself and towards others, I did not know what to do to enable him to regain balance. When a mother hears death knocking at the door for her child, she'd do anything to save him."

Under medical supervision she added some cannabis to her brownies, and found, to her surprise, that her son recovered appetite. Calling something to eat, which he had not done for months.

Always followed by a California physician specializing in the use of cannabis for medical purposes, she is now preparing this kind of brownies twice a week.

The psychiatrists of the East Coast, however, protested against the use of cannabis for a child saying that he "is now under the influence of marijuana and may simply develop an addiction."


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