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The white wine is bad for teeth

Drinking white wine regularly can damage teeth
Drinking white wine regularly can damage teeth

Researchers at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz (Germany), whose study is published in the journal Nutrition Research analyzed in vitro the effects of eight varieties of red and white wine on adult teeth immersed into wine for 24 hours.

The white wine is one that attacks the enamel most, because of its high acidity, which reduces levels of calcium and minerals. On this basis, the researchers concluded that regular consumption of white wine damages teeth.

The Riesling, a white wine from the Rhine valley in Germany and from certain districts in other countries is the one with the lowest pH, that is to say, the strongest acid, the researchers say.

The researchers also noted that the tradition of eating cheese and drinking a glass of wine is very sensible, since the effects of acidic wine can be neutralized by the high levels of calcium in cheese.

These results are to be taken light-heartedly, though. In fact, tests have been conducted in the laboratory. Furthermore, studies on fruit juice, soft drinks, liquor or spirits could lead to similar conclusions, say the researchers.


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