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Smoking causes damage to genes in minutes

Effect is so quick as it is equivalent to the direct injection of the substance in the blood
Effect is so quick as it is equivalent to the direct injection of the substance in the blood

The first whiffs of tobacco inhaled by a cigarette smoker causes damage in some minutes at genetic level which leads to risks of cancer, show a study of American scientists broadcast on Saturday.

"Effect is so quick as it is equivalent to the direct injection of the substance in the blood", explain the scientists in conclusions which constitute according to them a "strict warning" for the smokers.

This study appeared in the newspaper Chemical Research in Toxicology is the first one to be examined how substances contained in the tobacco cause damage at the level of the DNA in the man.

Study had been conducted on 12 voluntary smokers. The researchers followed the trace of toxic products contained in the tobacco called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH).

They were interested in action of one of these substances in the blood, the phenanthrene, which is found in the smoke of cigarettes and noted that it formed a toxic substance which "causes mutations which can procreate a cancer", according to study.

"The smokers attain level of the substance to the maximum in very short time which surprised the researchers: only 15-30 minutes after the volunteers had finished their cigarette", notes study.

The lung cancer is the bloodiest of cancers and the one that diagnosed most in the world, since more than 12 million new cases are diagnosed every year and about 8 million persons die from it. About 90% of deaths due to a cancer of lungs are linked to the cigarette.


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