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The low-dose aspirin reduces mortality from some common cancers

Taking low-dose aspirin (75 mg daily) in the long term leads to reduction of cancer mortality
Taking low-dose aspirin (75 mg daily) in the long term leads to reduction of cancer mortality

A small amount of aspirin, taken daily, will substantially reduce mortality from a number of common cancers such as colon cancer or prostate cancer, according to a study published Tuesday in the British medical journal The Lancet.

Previous work has shown that taking low-dose aspirin (75 mg daily) in the long term leads to reduction of more than one third the rate of colorectal cancer mortality.

For the new study, Professor Peter Rothwell (University of Oxford, UK) and colleagues studied deaths from all cancers that occurred during and after trials comparing patients taking daily aspirin to those who did not. To conduct their study, researchers have identified 8 trials covering 25,570 patients.

According to them, taking aspirin daily for 5 to 10 years, as in these trials, reduces mortality from all causes (including those due to a fatal hemorrhage), about 10% during this period.

And according to their analysis, over twenty years, reducing the risk of death from cancer is about 10% for prostate cancer, 30% for the lung, 40% for colorectal cancer 60% that of the esophagus. For the latter, like lung cancer, the benefit is limited to a class of tumors.

According to Professor Rothwell, if people were treated with low doses of aspirin for 20 to 30 years, those who start later this treatment in late forties or fifties could, ultimately, make the more profit.

Further research is needed, according to the authors, in particular to assess the impact of aspirin on women's cancers.

Medical monitoring beyond twenty years is essential to check if there is not a late rebound in mortality from cancer, they add.

These results do not mean that all adults must begin immediately to take aspirin, but show significant benefits of low-dose aspirin in terms of reducing mortality from several common cancers, which is new, they said.


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