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Lung Cancer: A question of genes?

A possible link between a gene on chromosome 6, and lung cancer
A possible link between a gene on chromosome 6, and lung cancer

A study by U.S. researchers from the center cons Anderson Cancer, Texas, has established a possible link between a gene on chromosome 6, and lung cancer.

This gene may increase the risk of getting cancer even if the subject smoked only very occasionally.

In fact, for people who have no genetic risk, the risk of contracting lung cancer increases with the smoking level, but for those with this genetic factor, their risk of lung cancer is high, whatever the quantity of cigarettes they smoke each day.

This genetic predisposition also increased the risk among non smokers.

However, to date, no test of individual risk assessment of lung cancer has been established.

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Stop smoking even when lung cancer is diagnosed

During their lifetime, smokers have a twenty times higher risk of developing lung cancer compared to non smokers
Patients with lung cancer diagnosed at an early stage would double their chances of survival if they stop smoking immediately, compared with those who continue to smoke, according to a study published in British Medical Journal (BMJ).

Smoking causes damage to genes in minutes

Effect is so quick as it is equivalent to the direct injection of the substance in the blood
The first whiffs of tobacco inhaled by a cigarette smoker causes damage in some minutes at genetic level which leads to risks of cancer, show a study of American scientists broadcast on Saturday.

Lung cancer: Attention to the first cigarette

The amount of nicotine ingested depends on time of the day when a person smokes his first cigarette
The time of the first cigarette smoking can have a major impact on lung cancer, according to a study published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention.

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