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Lung cancer: New promising compunds

The new inhibitors of intracellular enzymes reduced the growth of broncho-pulmonary tumors in mice
The new inhibitors of intracellular enzymes reduced the growth of broncho-pulmonary tumors in mice

New compounds tested on mice appear promising to fight lung cancer, including forms that become resistant to current treatments, according to a U.S. study.

The work of the researchers from Dana Farber Cancer Institute, United States is published in the British scientific journal Nature.

The new compound, inhibitor of intracellular enzymes involved in cell proliferation, has reduced the growth of broncho-pulmonary tumors in mice, according to the authors.

The researchers conducted their tests on "large cell" tumors like large-cell carcinoma, adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma, which represent 70 to 80% of all lung cancers. In contrast, the least common form (20 to 25% of cases) of lung cancer is called "small cell".

Among the most frequent lung cancers, some are carriers of mutations that cause permanent activation of a particular protein, the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR).

Drugs that block the receptor EGFR are useful, but genetic mutations can occur in tumor that can result in resistance to treatment.

The new type of inhibitors of growth factor EGFR identified by Pasi Janne and colleagues addresses these changes. These compounds, which seem promising, selectively block the receptor.

The researchers hope that these compounds will be clinically more effective and better tolerated than current inhibitors, like Iressa and Tarceva.


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