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AIDS - A Life Threatening Disease

HIV is known as the human immunodeficiency viruses, and it leads as AIDS
HIV is known as the human immunodeficiency viruses, and it leads as AIDS

HIV or ACQUIRED IMMUNE DEFICIENCY SYNDROME is a highly wicked and life forbidding status that finally results to death. No therapeutic of this syndrome is available in the market. Although science is advancing with every day in every field along with the medical field, and a numeral of searches is becoming every day.

Remedy for every disease has been tested to control, but yet there are some chronic syndromes, which have no remedy. ACQUIRED IMMUNE DEFICIENCY SYNDROME is, likewise, between them. AIDS selective information can be extremely beneficial in this regard, and this can be gotten with the help of AIDS video. ACQUIRED IMMUNE DEFICIENCY SYNDROME symptoms can also be known with the avail of these videos.

HIV is known as the human immunodeficiency viruses, and it leads as AIDS. The virus and disease together cited as HIV and AIDS. This is an illness of human immune system that stimulates by the individual immunodeficiency virus. Continual un-wellness because of the weak immune system stimulates people affected with AIDS, and they got infectious terribly easily. As the infection goes continuous, the patients go close to death.

This syndrome may get convey in diverse modes such as anal retentive, vaginal or oral sex, blood transfusion, contaminated needles and breast feeding between mother and baby during maternity, baby birth and breast milk feeding. The virus of this disease conveys by any touch with bodily fluid such as semen, blood, vaginal fluid or breast milk that consists the virus. This infection has turned a serious problem in many regions of the globe. It has also known as a pandemic problem.

The World Health Organization has calculated that 34.4 million citizenries worldwide are suffering with this chronic illness, and the numbers of patients are increasing day by day. 2.8 million New HIV affected patients are discovering every year.

The therapies of this disease can slow down the rate of contagion, but no known therapeutic or vaccines are accessible to get rid of from this.

Antiretroviral treatment decreases both the mortals and new infections from HIV or AIDS.

The medicines, which are available for this disease, are rather expensive, and all medications are not available in all parts of nations.

It is exceedingly difficult to heal it so that efficacious steps and preventive steps have been taking by the health organization with the service of governing.

Safe sex and needle-exchange programs test particularly useful in maintaining the rate down.

The signs and HIV or AIDS symptoms can be discovered in persons such as.

Opportunistic infections are remarkably usual in affected people.

Affected people have more probabilities of germinating diverse cancer such as Kaposi's sarcoma, cervical cancer and immune system cancer. Affected patients hurt from fevers, sweat, swollen glands, chills, weakness and weight loss.

AIDS video is extremely beneficial in rendering AIDS selective information. Thoroughgoing cognition of the syndrome can be spread with the assistance of these videos and are highly efficacious in passing around information about this.


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