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A vaccine against AIDS?

Modeling HIV causes AIDS
Modeling HIV causes AIDS

The United States and Thai researchers have developed a vaccine that can significantly reduce the risk of contamination by the AIDS virus, they announced Thursday in Bangkok, after testing involving over 16,000 people.

The operation, described as the largest ever conducted for a vaccine against AIDS worldwide, was conducted by the Thai Ministry of Health and the U.S. military and reduced the risk of infection for one third of cases.

"In 32.1% of cases, the vaccine reduces the risk of infection, " said a statement of research published during a press conference in Bangkok. In reality, the study showed that there were 32.1% less infected of those who had been vaccinated than of the others.

"This result represents a breakthrough because it is the first time there is evidence that a vaccine against the HIV virus has a preventive effect," the statement added.

"It is a very important scientific breakthrough and gives us hope that an effective vaccine in the world is possible in the future, " insisted the U.S. Army colonel Jerome Kim, via video conference.

The new vaccine is a combination of two vaccines whic had been tested previously but did not prove being effective independently of one another.


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Vaccine against AIDS: a false hope?

Further thorough analysis needed
An article published on the website of the journal Science raised doubts about the reliability of the results of the first AIDS vaccine test

HIV/AIDS: New tests needed for vaginal gel

Two additional clinical testing will be conducted to confirm the effectiveness of vaginal microbicide gel
Two additional clinical testing will be conducted to confirm the effectiveness of vaginal microbicide gel that is supposed to greatly reduce the risk of transmission of HIV/AIDS, said Friday the United Nations Joint Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS).

A mutant version of H1N1 detected in Norway

Despite the mutation the vaccine is still effective
The World Health reported that 3 cases of mutation of the H1N1 virus have been detected in Norway. The vaccine is still effective.

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