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A careless housewife

Lazy-bones men are different from women
Lazy-bones men are different from women

Have you ever met a woman who never touched a broom or a floor-cloth in her life? Or have you seen a man who has not the foggiest idea how to drive in a nail? Undoubtedly we have, because we are talking about lazy-bones, people who always can find thousands of good reasons of doing nothing. But nevertheless, lazy-bones men are different from women lazy-bones, that’s why I want to look out these types more detailed.

Women are lazy-bones, or careless housewives. Quite frequently it is the so-called lady-type women who are afraid to dirty their hands in domestic chores. On the other hand some of them find doing the everyday household chores simply rather a boring business. Probably one day you could hear how a lazy-bone was confessing that she was not much about of a housewife.

They cry that all sorts of domestic work are annoying them: the dishes are too greasy, the furniture is too dusty, and the linen is too dirty. So you may find a huge pile of washing in the bathroom and the sink is probably piled high with plates. A room is in a mess and a thick layer of dust is everywhere. Doing something at home for them is a real feat which they will remember for long as something out of ordinary.

These lazy-bones take care about their appearance more, than about anything else. Often this type of people prefers to hang on a husband’s neck instead working. This is the cause why they can afford to have a live-in help who can do anything about the house.

The men are lazy-bones. Unfortunately, there are much more lazy men, than women in the world. This is the type of people who find themselves tired anytime. Men always leave things around, don’t clear the table, and, of course, they mess up in the room.

They are tired after a hard work, they are tired after weekends, and they are tired after holidays. Somehow they manage to get tired even after a sleeping. These men say, that domestic chores are a women’s duty, and it has been in this way since the beginning of time.

They can help so rarely, but when they try to, they usually spoil everything: they damage things, getting out of order electrical appliances. If you ask them to clean the furniture they can smudge it easily.

Usually families where lazy-bones live have many problems in relationships. As they say, laziness is a mother of all problems. As for me, I think, that people have to share they duties with each other, because it’s the key of living in harmony and peace.


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