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The "standing offices"

Sitting at work negatively impact life expectancy. (Credit: Steelcase)
Sitting at work negatively impact life expectancy. (Credit: Steelcase)

The classic work stations, where one is positioned sitting in front of the screen, may be soon forgotten. The Wall Street Journal, Silicon Valley is enthusiastic about the "standing offices." At Google or Facebook, identify directions from their employees' growing demand for such jobs, which can do without sitting. It even included among the measures of the "welfare" of Google. Implicitly, these employees criticize the harmful effects of prolonged sitting.

Because according to several recent studies, including one conducted by the American Cancer Society and published in 2010, sitting at work negatively impact life expectancy. For women especially: to sit more than six hours per day would increase by 37% the risk of dying prematurely. In the short term, remain seated is not free from drawbacks. "The muscles of the trunk, neck and shoulders are then fixed in position. Maintaining this position compresses the blood vessels in the muscles, which affects blood flow, "says a study by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS).

Consequences: heart rate and blood flow slows, muscles are less well irrigated. Many effects that generate fatigue and  varicose veins. For paradoxically, "a worker sitting all day and which includes little physical effort often feels tired in the evening," said CCOHS. The long-term workers who have spent most of their time sitting see their physical deterioration: loss of heart and lung, digestive problems... So many inconveniences frequently observed.


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